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What questions should parents ask a Family Bank about prices?

  • Are there any coupons currently available?  Most banks are constantly running a "special limited time offer".
  • Is the enrollment fee charged once per family, or for each birth?
  • Is the first year of storage included in the processing fee?
  • If there is an annual storage fee, is it guaranteed not to increase?
  • Are there any discount programs? Some banks offer discounts to medical professionals or military personnel.
  • Do parents have the option of a partial or full refund if they decide not to store the cord blood for any reason?  For example, if the lab tests show contamination and the cord blood should not be saved, what happens?  Full refunds are typically only offered in situations where the bank provided staff to perform the collection service.
  • Should the family ever need the cord blood, will the bank charge to release it or to ship it?