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Brazil Squandering Potential of National Umbilical Cord Blood Inventory
Feb 2024   Brazil has a big public health investment in a national network of 14 public cord blood banks. But the medical community in Brazil is not actively utilizing this resource or developing new therapies that employ donated cord blood.
Haplo-Cord Survival Better than Haplo Transplants Alone
Feb 2024   New research finds overall survival is better after haplo transplants when patients also receive a small infusion of partially matched cord blood. This protocol might lead to enhanced utilization of the smaller cord blood units in public banks.
Bioprinting MSC in Outer Space (NASA image of ISS)
Jan 2024   Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (MSC) have been bioprinted into a human knee meniscus in zero gravity for the first time. If human organs can be bioprinted in space, they will satisfy an unmet need on Earth where patients are waiting for transplants. They will eventually be part of the medical toolkit for long-haul astronauts seeking to colonize planets.
Can you get paid to donate cord blood?
Jan 2024   FDA rules allow for a blood donor to receive a payment in the form of a gift card, with no limit on the type of card or the amount. This makes it possible for expectant moms to receive large gifts in exchange for cord blood donations. So long as the payment is in the form of a gift card, these donations are still labelled "volunteer donor" and can be used to treat patients.


Eli Cured of Sickle Cell by Stem Cells from Brother Gus
Dec 2023   A stem cell transplant from a sibling remains the best cure for Sickle Cell Disease, in terms of ease of access, cost of the procedure, and proven recovery. Eli's parents are lucky to live in a country where they have access to cord blood banking. Moreover, they were eligible for a program that stores a newborn's cord blood for free when an older sibling has a disease requiring transplantation.
What do they do with all those placenta donations?
Dec 2023   The need for placenta donations currently exceeds the supply. The amniotic membrane of the placenta can save patients with cornea damage from going blind. Wound dressings made from placenta  can heal chronic wounds and prevent lower limb amputations.
Cord Blood Utilization is Booming in China
Nov 2023   China holds about half a million cord blood donations in public banks. For over a decade, the world's largest public bank has been the Tianjin bank in China. Several cord blood banks in China have reported 500 to 1000 cord blood therapies in a single year year. If China is included, the cumulative number of cord blood therapies worldwide is now 85,000.
Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis of Cord Blood for Cerebral Palsy
Nov 2023   This is an early report on a paper in preparation which performs Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis (IPDMA) with 11 studies of Cord Blood for Cerebral Palsy from around the world. A poster about the analysis reported that at 6 months post therapy the patients treated with cord blood had significantly better GMFM-66 scores than the controls (p=0.027). The data also clearly showed that higher cell doses produced bigger response (p=0.005).
How Long Can Cord Blood Be Stored?
Oct 2023   Researchers have now demonstrated that cord blood is still viable after nearly three decades in cryogenic storage.
Cured by his own cord blood 19 years later
Oct 2023   A young patient "Xiao An" in China became sick with Aplastic Anemia. Luckily, the parents had stored the cord blood at birth. After 19 years in cryo-storage, the cord blood was thawed and returned to Xiao An. The patient is now in good health, and a new record for long-term self-use of cord blood has been established.