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AABB 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting
Aug 2020   The AABB 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting will be held Oct. 3-5. Session topics include cellular and genetic therapies, sickle cell disease, pediatric care, hematopoietic stem cells, cord blood, platelet transfusion, genotyping, inventory management, biological product collection and utilization – and much, much more.
world maps of recruiting cord blood and cord tissue trials as of 30 April 2020
Aug 2020   In this article we set the record straight about the correct numbers of cumulative or currently recruiting clinical trials that utilize cord blood or cord tissue.


Joanne Kurtzberg, MD, exclusive scoop on Duke ACT study of Cord Blood for Autism
Jul 2020   Exclusive scoop from Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg: The Duke ACT study of Cord Blood for Autism shows significant benefit for children ages 4-7 with non-verbal IQ above 70.
Joanne Kurtzberg, MD
Jul 2020   Simplified highlights for parents: The Duke ACT study of Cord Blood for Autism shows significant benefit for children ages 4-7 with non-verbal IQ above 70.


Shanaya Agarwal family
Jun 2020   Here is a rare story where the father’s stem cells were a perfect match to his daughter and saved the child from a potentially life threatening disorder. The parents' decision to enroll in a Community cord blood stem cell bank covered all the transplant related costs of their child’s medical care. 
Graphic of Gamida Cell manufacturing for Omidubicel
Jun 2020   Gamida Cell has demonstrated that a stand-alone transplant of expanded cord blood can dramatically shorten engraftment time. We are entering a second generation of cord blood transplants, using products that will hopefully become a routine option for stem cell transplant patients.


How Cord Tissue Changed my Son’s Life
May 2020   Renee tells the story of how her son Gage benefited from infusions of cord tissue MSC to treat his autism. Before the therapy, Gage was non-verbal and seemed "stuck inside his own head". Since the MSC therapy, his language and social skills have noticably improved. Today, Gage is very talkative and plays with other children.
Coronavirus and the Cord Blood Banking Industry
May 2020   The coronavirus pandemic has been both helpful and harmful for the stem cell industry, and cord blood banks in particular. The challenge for companies that bank newborn stem cells is to survive the downsides and take advantage of the new possibilities.


Coronavirus During Pregnancy and Cord Blood Banking
Apr 2020   Pregnant women are "at risk"  for severe symptoms from coronavirus and should take extra precautions. Cord Blood and Birth Tissues should not contain COVID-19. It is well established that respiratory viruses do not show up in the blood. A small number of babies may be born with coronavirus if mom is sick at the time of birth, but most newborns do not have it, and most of those that do recover quickly. If mom has had coronavirus and recovered, then her immunity will protect her newborn baby. Inside cord blood laboratories, it is business as usual. The challenges facing cord blood banks during a pandemic are the logistics of shipping samples and protecting their staff.
Actionable Genetic Tests
Apr 2020   Genetic screening and tests are "actionable" when they identify risks for conditions that can be prevented, treated, or managed more efficiently with early detection. Despite great advances in genetic testing, there are discrepancies between the scope and quality of testing available from different providers.