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How to choose a cord blood bank - 7 things to know
Apr 2019   Families who are expecting a baby have many concerns when it comes to preparing for their newborn. One daunting decision is how to choose the right cord blood bank?  Here are 7 criteria to make it easier for soon-to-be parents to identify quality cord blood banks: [1] Experience [2] Stability [3] Inventory [4] Insurance [5] Shipment [6] Accreditation [7] Pricing.


Nerea, cerebral palsy patient treated with cord blood stored at IVIDA Banco de Cordón
Mar 2019   Nerea is an eight year old girl who lives in the Spanish town of Burriana and has suffered cerebral palsy since a few days after birth. Nerea's cord blood was banked with IVIDA Banco de Cordón and her mother sought a stem cell therapy to help her develop motor skills. The cord blood therapy was performed at Duke University in July 2017.
What is your Placenta Worth? (photo from The Experienced Mama)
Mar 2019   Based on today's marketed products, we estimate a street value of the placenta at around $50,000, and that could double or triple in five to ten years.


Zhao Jiaxin after recovering from VEO-IBS
Feb 2019   Zhao Jiaxin was the first child in China to receive a cord blood transplant as a cure for very early onset irritable bowel disease that is often lethal to newborns. Children’s Hospital of Fudan University has the most successful transplants for VEO-IBS to date. While still rare, the incidence of this genetic disorder is increasing in China and the only effective therapy is a stem cell transplant.
Michelle McDougle, CGC
Feb 2019   Certified genetic counselors (CGC) are healthcare professionals who have advanced training in medical genetics and in counseling. Using these skills, they are able to guide and support patients and their families through the process of making healthcare decisions. Families who are navigating their clinical trial opportunities may benefit from working with a specialized CGC who can provide education and information about treatment options, participate in eligibility screening, and discuss potential risks and benefits of participating in research studies.


cord blood patient Asia with her parents
Jan 2019   Please click on the image below to read the two page document as a pdf file
cord blood patient Asia with her parents
Jan 2019   When Asia experienced developmental delays her parents took her to Duke University for reinfusion of her own cord blood stem cells. Today Asia can keep up with other children her age.
Cell Care of Australia owns Canadian cord blood banks Insception Lifebank and Cells for Life
Jan 2019   The Cell Care Group dominates cord blood banking in both Australia and Canada and is committed to research that will expand the medical applications of cord blood.
James L. Sherley, MD PhD, Founder and Director of Asymmetrex
Jan 2019   Asymmetrex has developed AlphaSTEM Test™ technology that can determine the number of active stem cells in a cord blood unit from a testing segment. The Asymmetrex method relies on the asymmetry in the growth patterns of stem cells and progenitor cells during culture. It is hoped that adoption of this technology will solve the decades-old problem that the quantitative doses of stem cell therapies are uncertain.


AABB Annual Meeting Highlights Conference and Exhibition in the Middle East 2019
Dec 2018   The AABB Annual Meeting Highlights Conference and Exhibition in the Middle East 2019 will be held 25-26 January 2019 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This meeting once again brings highlights from the 2018 AABB Annual Meeting directly to professionals from across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.