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From start to finish, the cord blood collection process typically takes about 5 minutes
Jul 2017   ViaCord study finds that delayed cord clamping reduces both the volume and pre-processed TNC count of cord blood units collected in a family bank setting.
Elham was cured of leukemia thanks to her sister's cord blood
Jul 2017   Elham, a 12-year-old girl from Iran, was cured of leukemia by her sister’s umbilical cord blood stem cells.
PrestigeTM Lyotechnology from Osiris stores viable cells and tissues at ambient temperature
Jul 2017   PrestigeTM Lyotechnology from Osiris is a technique that keeps cells and tissues alive while allowing for long-term storage at ambient temperatures.


Charles S. Cox, Jr., M.D.
Jun 2017   Cleft lip and palate are usually diagnosed in utero and the parents can plan to save the child's umbilical cord tissue as a non-invasive source of a surgical graft.
Ahmad Reza thalassemia patient Royan Iran
Jun 2017   Ahmad Reza was successfully treated for thalassemia using cord blood from his sister banked with Royan Stem Cell Technology of Iran.
Moinam thalassemia patient Cordlife India
Jun 2017   Moinam was successfully treated for thalassemia using cord blood from his sister banked with Cordlife India.


embed open cord blood trials search
May 2017   Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation has created a search engine that enables readers to look up all clinical trials conducting cell therapy with cord blood that are currently open worldwide.


Lisa Ouaknine, RN, Educating Antenatal Care Givers About Cord Blood: Ce Qui Compte Le Plus
Apr 2017   Transplant physicians should share their advances and needs with antenatal caregivers. We need more professional development programs for midwives and medical students to bridge the gap.
MSC retrieval perivascular versus whole tissue
Apr 2017   Most parents are not aware of the full potential of the umbilical cord tissue. They also do not realize that the cord tissue storage method may compromise parent access.


LifeCell International
Mar 2017   LifeCell has launched a new approach that redefines family cord blood banking as "Community Stem Cell Banking".