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Community Banking Supports Public Banking Without Brankrupting
Jul 2019   Patients need unrelated cord blood donors, but public cord blood banks that stand alone have struggled to survive financially. In honor of Cord Blood Awareness month, we review alternative business models for public cord blood banks: hybrid banking, crossover banking, and community or pool banking. We also do the math to demonstrate that community or pool banking is a financially viable support for public banks and fills unmet public health needs.


Perinatal Stem Cell Society - new membership benefits
Jun 2019   Within the next year, the Perinatal Stem Cell Society is organizing 3 conferences. We will have our own day at Cord Blood Connect on 12 Sept. 2019, our annual meeting is in Salt Lake City in March 2020, and our first European event will be in Czech Republic May 2020. We are also introducing new membership benefits and asking members to begin paying dues.
Courtney McDonald, PhD
Jun 2019   Our results are the first evidence that multiple doses of cord blood are better for improved long term outcomes. Using rats to model perinatal brain injury, we compared our control groups to therapy with a single dose of cord blood versus 3 doses over a week. Ultimately we hope to improve the design of human clinical trials and help children and families living with cerebral palsy.
Pall 5 chamber cord blood storage bag
Jun 2019   With the Pall 5-chamber bag, each compartment holds 20% of the total stem cell storage. Parents storing cord blood today in a 5-chamber bag have the option in the future to use individual compartments - meaning up to five doses - for cord blood stem cell therapies.


Levi - A CBR Cord Blood Banking Story | Autism
May 2019   Levi's parents became concerned when, after age one, he did not speak. Finding out that he was autistic, they worried if he would ever be independent. Then, they learned that they could use Levi's cord blood stored at CBR to participate in a clinical trial of stem cell therapy for autism. Going into the research study, they did not know if it would make a difference or not, but they felt it was worth trying. After the study, they found that “The communication, the touching, the talking, so many things that he didn’t do and didn’t participate in, was actually no longer an issue.” Today, Levi's parents feel "We don’t have to worry about who’s going to take care of him, because he’s gonna be able to take care of himself."
Dr. Frances Verter & Dr. Neil Riordan, Perinatal Stem Cell Society meeting, 1 March 2019
May 2019   The Stem Cell Institute in Panama provides therapies using mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) sourced from donated umbilical cord (UC) tissue. Their autism treatment consists of four daily intravenous infusions of UC-MSC. Depending on the child’s weight, the total dose is 40 to 80 million UC-MSC and the therapy program costs $13K to $18K.
Everything parents should know about stem cell therapy for Autism
May 2019   This overview tries to clearly explain the answers to questions often asked in parent support groups. Section headings: How did stem cell therapy for brain disorders start? Where does autism fit in? What stem cell research exists for autism? Why treat autism with Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells (MSC)? What are the differences between stem cell therapy with CB-MNC versus UC-MSC? Where can parents get autism therapy now? Questions parents should ask of clinics offering stem cell therapy for autism: Cautionary remarks
Macopharma cord blood collection kit
May 2019   Macopharma has now launched their dual needle, FDA NDA approved cord blood collection bag in the United States. Macopharma hopes that the features of the collection kit will assist banks in the common goal of improving the number of bankable cord blood units collected in the United States. 


Ashton - A ViaCord Cord Blood Banking Story | Cerebral Palsy
Apr 2019   Ashton had a normal birth, but developed cerebral palsy due to a serious illness at age 6 weeks. His parents decided to try giving Ashton his own stem cells from cord blood they had banked with ViaCord. A few months later Ashton’s balance and communication were noticeably improved. Ashton has been able to give up his wheelchair and now walks with a walker.
How to choose a cord blood bank - 7 things to know
Apr 2019   Families who are expecting a baby have many concerns when it comes to preparing for their newborn. One daunting decision is how to choose the right cord blood bank?  Here are 7 criteria to make it easier for soon-to-be parents to identify quality cord blood banks: [1] Experience [2] Stability [3] Inventory [4] Insurance [5] Shipment [6] Accreditation [7] Pricing.