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Georgina saved baby Charley's cord blood to help her brother fight a brain tumour
Oct 2017   Georgina Russell from Preston, near Manchester in the UK, was four months pregnant when she received the terrible news that her older brother, Ashley, had a rare, slow-growing form of the brain tumour, glioblastoma.
Recruiting Clinical Trials using Umbilical Cord MSC
Oct 2017   Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation has set up two web pages which can search currently recruiting clinical trials that use either cord blood or umbilical cord tissue. By the numbers, there are currently 114 cord blood trials that are recruiting patients at 354 locations, and 49 umbilical cord tissue trials that are recruiting patients at 65 locations. It is very important to remember that these portals are only a snapshot of the trials that are recruiting right now and not a statement about the possible uses of cord blood or umbilical cord tissue.


amniotic membrane as dressing for corneal perforation
Sep 2017   Amniotic membrane has been used in thousands of eye surgery procedures, resulting in more than 700 peer reviewed articles published in ophthalmology journals.
Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine 3D printed skin cells
Sep 2017    The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine is using hydrogels to carry and deposit perinatal stem cells, cell signaling molecules, and growth factors.


number of trials of current products made from amniotic membrane of the placenta
Aug 2017   We searched for 111 products made from the amniotic membrane of the placenta and found 61 clinical trials of 25 products from 14 companies.
placental tissue components courtesy of Osiris
Aug 2017   Viable tissue from the amniotic membrane of the placenta improves wound closure by a factor of three over standard of care.


From start to finish, the cord blood collection process typically takes about 5 minutes
Jul 2017   ViaCord study finds that delayed cord clamping reduces both the volume and pre-processed TNC count of cord blood units collected in a family bank setting.
Elham was cured of leukemia thanks to her sister's cord blood
Jul 2017   Elham, a 12-year-old girl from Iran, was cured of leukemia by her sister’s umbilical cord blood stem cells.
PrestigeTM Lyotechnology from Osiris stores viable cells and tissues at ambient temperature
Jul 2017   PrestigeTM Lyotechnology from Osiris is a technique that keeps cells and tissues alive while allowing for long-term storage at ambient temperatures.


Charles S. Cox, Jr., M.D.
Jun 2017   Cleft lip and palate are usually diagnosed in utero and the parents can plan to save the child's umbilical cord tissue as a non-invasive source of a surgical graft.