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Your country has 19 family banks for private cord blood storage.
Your country has 25 public banks for cord blood donation.

Pregnancy Weeks 25 - 30
Education: Newborn stem cells

Education: What are newborn stem cells?Since 1988, cord blood transplants have been used to treat over 80 diseases in hospitals around the world. Inherited blood disorders such as thalassemia and sickle cell disease can be cured by cord blood transplant. Over the past decade, clinical trials are developing therapies with cord blood and cord tissue for disorders that affect brain development in early childhood, such as cerebral palsy and autism.
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Pregnancy Weeks 31 - 36
Trust: Benefits of banking

Trust: Benefits of preserving newborn stem cellsThe stem cells in the after-birth are not embryonic. Most of the stem cells in cord blood are blood-forming or hematopoietic stem cells. Most of the stem cells in cord tissue and the placenta are mesenchymal stem cells. Parents who wish to donate their baby’s cord blood to a public bank to help cancer patients must register well in advance of their due date. Search our list of public banks in your country.
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Pregnancy Weeks 37 - 40
Desire: How to bank

How do I bank umbilical cord blood Parents who wish to store cord blood and/or cord tissue for the family can search our list of family banks in your country and compare their services. Family banks usually offer payment plans to lower the cost of cord blood banking, and they may offer insurance plans to cover the cost of cord blood therapy. Parents that already have a child in need of therapy qualify for free or discounted banking.
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Shai's Story

Shai's StoryShai was a feisty little girl whose mother used her scientific background to search for the best approach to cure her cancer. Shai narrowly escaped death many times, including a recovery that even her doctors considered a miracle, yet she died at dawn on the day that she would have begun kindergarten. Her mother went on to found this website and charity in her memory. Read more...


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