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Family Cord Blood Banking


The best cord blood banking for private use means parents pay a family bank to store their baby’s cord blood so that they will have access to the stem cells in case of need. Many family cord blood banks store additional types of newborn stem cells, such as cord tissue. A family bank has a cord blood banking laboratory to provide this service. Some family banks market their services to parents in multiple countries. In the list below of family banks serving your country, the second column shows where the bank laboratory is located. The next column lists any accreditation standards that the laboratory holds. The column listing therapies tells how many units of cord blood were released from the laboratory to treat patients. Therapy numbers with NO * were for family clients, whereas therapy numbers WITH * are transplants from a public bank that shares the same laboratory as the family bank. The next two columns are prices for the first year and the long term storage fee.

Name Laboratory Accreditation Therapies Initial cost Long Term Fee
Sorgente+ PBKM, Warsaw, Poland AABB, ISO 200 FamiCord


Serena Medical Vita 34, Leipzig, Germany FDA, cGMP 200 FamiCord
Future Health - Italia Future Health UK, Nottingham Science and Technology Park, UK AABB, HTA, ISO 9
Smart Cells - Italy Smart Cells, West Drayton, UK HTA, ISO 200 FamiCord
Bioscience Institute Bioscience Institute, San Marino ISO 0
Cord Blood Center - Italy Cord Blood Center, Bratislava, Slovakia 187
Futura Stem Cells Crioestaminal, Cantanhede, Portugal AABB, ISO 10

25 years included

In Scientia Fides In Scientia Fides, Domagnano, San Marino FACT
Swiss Stem Cells Biotech - Italy Swiss Stem Cells Biotech, Vacallo, Switzerland FACT, cGMP, Swissmedic 3


20 years included