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Family Bank: New England Cord Blood Bank



New England Cord Blood Bank (NECBB), established in 1995, is a privately held family business that offers processing and storage of stem cells from your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue for use in the treatment of over 80 different diseases.  We process, test, verify, and cryopreserve collected stem cells at our state of the art facility just outside of Boston. We offer competitive rates and interest free payment plans.

Labs and Locations

NECBB owns and operates its own cryogenic facility just outside of Boston, MA.

Business Experience

New England Cord Blood Bank is a subsidiary of New England Cryogenic Center. They have operated their own cryogenic storage facility since 1971 and have stored cord blood since 1995. Staff are available at all times to answer parent inquiries.

Collection Kit

NECBB uses Pall cord blood collection bags and Prevantics disinfection supplies. The collection bag is pre-filled with citrate phosphate dextrose (CPD) which is an FDA approved anti-coagulant as well as a cell preservative. Our Pall collection bags are sterile for use in the OR during C-section births.

Transportation container

The transportation container is validated to maintain room temperature under test conditions.  

Shipping Info

NECBB contract price includes shipping (unless special delivery is warranted), but there is extra cost for clients outside the US.  Standard shipping is by FedEx, and courier shipping is available within the USA for $50 extra. The courier is available for local pick ups.

Processing Method

NECBB uses the state of the art, fully automated Sepax 2 processing system from Biosafe.  The Sepax processing kit is a sterile, single-use, functionally closed system, so that the cord blood never comes into contact with the external environment. For low volume collections, manual processing is an alternate option.

Components Stored

The component stored after processing contains white blood cells and stem cells, plus testing portions which are used prior to any transplant to test the stem cells and to do HLA matching prior to use of the unit for a transplant. There are two integrally attached test segments for confirmatory HLA typing.  We also put away three test aliquots for any additional testing such as initial HLA, hemoglobinopathy assay, or post-thaw viability.

Storage Method

Final storage is in blood bags.
Storage container is encased in over wrap.
Freezer uses liquid nitrogen.

Licensing & Accreditation

Registered and inspected by the FDA
Accredited by AABB

Clinical Experience

Number of family cord blood collections released for therapy: 14
The bank also develops research products from cord blood donations.


Parents are provided with a personalized letter from our director outlining the results of the cord blood processing: cord blood volume processed, total nucleated cell count, CD34+ count, viability, maternal viral testing, and fluid culture results.  The letter also explains all of this information in an easy to understand manner.  Clients may also receive personal contact from the director to discuss any results that may be out of the reference range or need further explanation.

Community Service

Discounts for military personnel, police, and fire personnel.
Discounts to medical doctors, and staff.



Enrollment + courier + processing + 1st storage fee = $1199 (cord blood only)
Annual storage fee $130
Discounts for pre-paid annual storage (25% off for 20 years).

Additional Services

NECBB also offers storage of cord tissue, stem cells from dental pulp, and stem cells from adipose tissue.

Prices with Additional Services

Cord Blood Only: $1199 (first year fee with $130 annual storage every year thereafter)
Cord Blood Only: $2,989 (20 year pre-paid)
Cord Blood & Tissue: $1,599 (first year fee with $260 annual storage every year thereafter)
Cord Blood & Tissue: $5,179 (20 year pre-paid)
Interest free payment plans for 12 months available.

Some interest free payment plans for 24 months are available.

Address: 500 Donald J. Lynch Blvd. Marlborough, MA 01752, United States
Phone Numbers
(Free): 888-700-2673 (Office): 774-843-2965 & 617-244-3933