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Family Bank: Celebration Stem Cell Centre


The Celebration Stem Cell Centre (CSCC), offers both public donation and private family banking of umbilical cord blood.  All cord blood collections are processed according to the highest standards in the industry in a new, state-of-the art facility located in Gilbert, Arizona.  The public donation program is funded by the private family banking program and by philanthropy.

Labs and Locations

Celebration Stem Cell Centre built a brand new lab at their headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona, outside Phoenix.  The facility house 2 clean rooms, multiple stem cell processing stations (Biological Safety Cabinets), several cryogenic storage tanks located in the clean room (all monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by a call-out system as well as under CCTV security cameras), and a bulk liquid nitrogen supply tank that feeds the cryogenic tanks. The lab is located in a part of the country that does not suffer from natural disasters.  In addition, the facility was designed with glass walls, so visitors can watch the technicians process and store the cord blood stem cells while touring the facility.

Business Experience

Celebration Stem Cell Centre (CSCC) registered with the FDA and began operations in 2010.  Their initial focus is on cord blood banking, providing the community with both collection of public donations and private storage for the family. The laboratory will also provide stem cell manufacturing processing services and contract research services under the guidance of Medical Director Jeffery Schriber, M.D., F.R.C.P.,  Laboratory Director Todd R. Flower, Ph.D., and Medical Advisor Nabil Dib, M.D.

Collection Kit

•    Supplies are provided for gravity collection of cord blood into a blood bag.
•    The brand of the cord blood bag is Fenwal.
•    Disinfection supplies consist of Povidone swab sticks.
•    The anti-coagulant is CPD (Citrate Phosphate Dextrose).
•    The C-Section adaptor is sterile.

Transportation container

•    Container is validated to maintain proper temperature under test conditions.
•    Container is insulated with Styrofoam.

Shipping Info

•    Celebration Stem Cell Centre contract includes shipping arrangements.  Additional shipping fees may apply in some areas.  
•    The medical courier's phone number is on the collection kit.  Once the number has been called, the courier will arrive at the hospital to pick up the collection kit.
•    The courier service for in Arizona is Quicksilver Express Courier.
•    The courier service outside of Arizona is Quick International.

Processing Method

•    Cord blood processing and storage takes place in a clean room that is ISO 8 or class 100,000.
•    The red cells are removed from the blood with the PrepaCyteCB reagent from BioE.
•    The remaining white cell layer containing stem cells is ready for storage.
•    The cells are also subjected to controlled-rate freezing in order to ensure the highest possible viability after freezing.
•    One attribute that sets CCSC apart from other cord blood processing facilities is that the cryogenic tanks are stored in the clean room, which means that client samples are always in a clean room environment from the time they are processed until the moment they are shipped out for transplant, minimizing the potential risk of contamination.

Components Stored

Parents are provided with a "Cord Blood Cryopreservation Report" that includes:
1.    Total Volume of cord blood collected
2.    Total Nucleated Cells (TNC)
3.    Viable Nucleated Cells
4.    Viable CD34+ Cells (Using Flow Cytometry)
5.    Maternal blood tested for sterility and infectious disease.

Storage Method

Cord blood stem cells are stored in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen, always below the FDA-required -150 degrees C.  The benefit of vapor phase storage is there is no fear of contamination or infectious agents passing from one specimen to another, which has been reported possible in liquid nitrogen.

Licensing & Accreditation

Celebration Stem Cell Centre is accredited by AABB and registered with the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) FDA. They accept cord blood from all states within the USA.

Clinical Experience

Jeffery Schriber, M.D., Medical Director of the Celebration Stem Cell Centre, has over 20 years of experience in stem cell transplantation. He is a former Assistant Professor of Medicine, has been involved in numerous research studies, and is currently the Medical Director of the Bone Marrow Transplant Program at the Virginia Piper Cancer Center in Scottsdale.

Todd R. Flower, Ph.D., Laboratory Director of the Celebration Stem Cell Centre, has 10 years of experience in stem cells and stem cell banking. He is a former Professor of Biology and Natural and Applied Sciences, served as the Laboratory Director for 2 other stem cell banking and research facilities, and performed numerous research studies.

Nabil Dib, M.D., Medical Advisor of the Celebration Stem Cell Centre, has over ten years of experience in adult stem cell therapy and clinical research.  Dr. Dib has led the charge for the healthcare industry to find innovative ways to utilize adult non-embryonic stem cells that may have the potential to improve the cardiac health of patients who have no other available treatments.  Dr. Dib is internationally known for his research and work with stem cell therapy.  In 2004, he obtained the first FDA clearance to begin a Phase I Clinical Trial, in the United States, for stem cell transplantation via a minimally invasive procedure and using 3-D catheter guidance technology in patients with heart failure and heart attack.  Just a few months later he implanted the first patient with stem cell therapy.  Dr. Dib also authored a book on the topic titled, Stem Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering for Cardiovascular Repair.

Community Service

1.    Private tours of the processing and storage facility are available to expectant mothers & families, the medical community and school districts.
2.    The Celebration "Save a Life" program allows participating physicians and donor hospitals to access donated cord blood stem cells to treat patients.
3.    Private banking clients have the option to donate their baby's cord blood at any point in the future.
4.    Celebration Stem Cell Centre (CSCC) and Save the Cord Foundation have partnered in a collaboration focused on a state-wide English/Spanish cord blood education and public cord blood collection program. The CSCC's public cord blood donation program will focus on the Hispanic and ethnically-diverse community of Arizona who are drastically underrepresented in the national public cord blood registry. Expectant parents and the public will receive Save the Cord Foundation inspired non-commercial information in English and Spanish about the medical value of their newborns' cord blood and their options for saving it.
5.    Celebration Stem Cell Centre (CSCC) and Translational Stem Cell Therapy Foundation have partnered to provide medical professionals with advanced training to optimize the cord blood collection.  Doctors, midwives and labor & delivery nurses are educated on the importance of cord blood stem cell therapy, informed consent and instructions how to easily collect additional cord blood without interfering with the normal birthing experience.   Doctors who collect for CSCC patients are given a cord blood collection data report, which shows the volume of cord blood collected,  total nucleated cells, viability, viable CD34+ stem cell count and sterility results.


Total Initial Cost: $1,975
Includes: Enrollment, collection kit, courier, cord blood processing, cryopreservation and first year of storage.
Annual Storage Fee: $125 per year

Discounts for pre-paid annual storage
5 Year Plan: Prepay of $525, and save $100
10 Year Plan: Prepay of $1,050, and save $200
20 Year Plan: Prepay of $2,000, and save $500

Payment plans
6-Month Payment Plan
1.    Initial deposit of $150
2.    Additional payment of $550 upon CSCC's acceptance of cord blood
3.    Six equal monthly payments of $235
12-Month Payment Plan
1.    Initial deposit of $150
2.    Additional payment of $550 upon CSCC's acceptance of cord blood
3.    Twelve equal monthly payments of $125

Address: 3495 South Mercy Rd., Gilbert AZ 85297