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Cord Blood Rescue After Cardiac Arrest
Aug 2023   A child that underwent a prolonged cardiac arrest was resuscitated, but remained in a persistent vegetative state. After an infusion of his own cord blood, he experienced a remarkable recovery over the next three years that is beyond what can be explained by intense rehabilitation alone. 
iStock photo normal red blood cells in vein
Aug 2023   Cord blood transplants will continue to be the best option to cure children with inherited hemoglobin diseases for the foreseeable future. Although gene therapy shows great promise, it is currently much more expensive than stem cell transplants and there are many open questions about how patient outcomes compare. The Lancet Haematology Commission recommends that developing nations which are home to many patients with Sickle Cell Anaemia should expand their capacity for stem cell transplants.
Fran Verter and Matt Farrow in Dubai 2023
Jul 2023   Matt Farrow received the world's first cord blood transplant in 1988. Matt is now age 40 and shared with us how it feels to be one of the oldest survivors of Fanconi Anemia.    
Global Cord Blood Corporation
Jul 2023   Global Cord Blood Corp. is the world's largest cord blood bank, with inventory over one million cord blood units. Yet the company is being liquidated. Why? How did this happen? We explain.
Peleg’s Story of Cell Therapy for Autism
Jun 2023   Peleg had a typical case of autism with regression. His parents decided to try cell therapy. Before and after videos document his rapid improvement in language skills.
Duke Removes Autism from Cord Blood Expanded Access
Jun 2023   The real story behind why Duke stopped offering Expanded Access to cord blood therapy for autism.
Salvador’s Story: Expanded Access for Autism
May 2023   Salvador is a 5-year-old boy from Portugal diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder who received cord blood therapy in the US through the Expanded Access program at Duke.
Gamida Cell 1st FDA Approval Omisirge Expanded Cord Blood
May 2023   On 17 April 2023, the FDA gave approval to the Gamida Cell product Omisirge (formerly known as Omidubicel, and before that as NiCord). This is the first FDA market approval of an expanded cord blood product. 
Cord Blood for Autism in KK Hospital Singapore
Apr 2023   This is the story of Sophia, a young girl in Singapore diagnosed with Autism. Her parents participated in a clinical trial at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital where Sophia received an infusion of her own cord blood. 
Kathryn Cross of Anja Health @kathrynanja
Apr 2023   Anja Health is a family cord blood bank that is led by a Gen Z CEO and focuses their marketing on outreach to Gen Z parents via TikTok. Kathryn Cross explains her motivation for launching a cord blood bank, and how her company innovates their services to fit the values and priorities on the Gen Z parenting community.