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Little Gauri 2nd child saved by LifeCell Community Bank
Nov 2022   Little Gauri is the second child saved by a cord blood transplant from the LifeCell Community Bank. Like thousands of children in India, Gauri suffers from Thalassemia Major, but did not have a matching stem cell donor in her family. With the birth of her baby sibling, Gauri's parents signed up to bank cord blood in the LifeCell Community Bank. Thanks to the inventory shared by members of the community, Gauri received a matching cord blood transplant from an unrelated donor.
Nov 2022   Michal is a mother of three children on the autism spectrum. She has created a website that gives parents a how to guide for seeking cell therapy for autism.


FamiCord No.1 in Europe 20 years together
Oct 2022   FamiCord Group is a network of family banking companies and 15 laboratories that together hold 50% of the cord blood banking market in Europe. In this interview we learn how FamiCord built this dominance and what trends they see for the future of biobanking and cell therapy in Europe.
From Japan to Duke: Cord Blood for HIE
Oct 2022   This story tells the experiences of a family from Japan whose son has HIE from a birth injury. They banked his younger sister's umbilical cord blood at the StemCell Institute. Thanks to the banked sibling cord blood, the family was able to travel to Duke for their son to receive cell therapy through the Duke Expanded Access program (EAP).


Cryoviva - Bank of Life
Sep 2022   The Cryoviva Group has cord blood laboratories in Thailand, Singapore, India, and Vietnam, and is active in banking MSC for regenerative medicine therapies. The Cryoviva Group believes that the future of the biobanking industry is to partner in providing cell therapies.
Sep 2022   ExCellThera is a biotechnology company based in Montréal that is dedicated to making cord blood transplants available to a more diverse group of patients by expanding small cord blood units so that they are big enough for therapy.


2022 Update: How many clinical trials use cord blood?
Aug 2022   Currently, 110 clinical trials with cord blood are recruiting at 281 locations. Cumulatively, 276 clinical trials performing advanced cell therapies with cord blood have been registered through the end of 2021.
Regenerative Medicine Regulations in the UAE
Aug 2022   The United Arab Emirates has a well established and officially sanctioned infrastructure for medical tourism. Approvals for biotherapies are more readily obtained than in many western nations, leading to a booming business in regenerative medicine. At the same time, regulations around the practice of regenerative medicine follow high quality standards and are strictly enforced. New this year, the UAE is requiring that cord blood banks which operate in their country must construct a laboratory and storage facility in their country.


Studying Cord Blood to Prevent Childhood Leukemia
Jul 2022   The ReCord study is backtracking childhood leukemia to the genetic mutations present in the child's cord blood at birth. Hopefully this knowledge can be used in the future to predict which children are predisposed to childhood cancer and prevent the diagnosis.
WSCS 2022 Advocacy Award Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation
Jul 2022   The World Stem Cell Summit, in partnership with the Regenerative Medicine Foundation, has presented their 2022 Advocacy Award to Dr. Frances Verter & the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation.