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Why is it important to choose a Family Bank that is accredited?

The Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation recommends that parents select a Family Bank whose laboratory has been inspected by an accreditation agency specific to cord blood banking: AABB or FACT.  This provides a degree of quality assurance.

In some countries, national regulations hold Family Banks to the same standards as Public Banks, so an independent accreditation is not necessary. But in most countries the federal requirements for Family Banks are not as strict as Public Banks, and then a voluntary accreditation is desirable.  For example, in the United States the FDA registers and inspects Family banks, but does not require them to have a Biologics License (BLA) like Public Banks. 

Caveat: The process of registering with an accreditation agency and getting inspected can take a year, so it is understandable if a brand new lab does not have an accreditation yet.