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Should you pick a cord blood bank based on consumer reviews?

The short answer is NO, the typical consumer does not have the technical knowledge to properly evaluate companies that provide biobanking services.

Newborn stem cell banking is a healthcare service and you should pick a bank based on the healthcare quality metrics that we explain on this website: whether the laboratory is accredited for cord blood or cord tissue banking, has experience providing therapies to patients, and is financially stable.

Parents should be wary that most “consumer ratings” type websites are rigged to give the highest ratings to companies that pay the most for advertising.  Another problem is that the reviews on consumer websites may not have been written by real customers.

Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation does not endorse banks. We do favor our donors by placing their descriptions at the top of the list of banks in their country. However we do not allow banks to make any claims in their descriptions unless they can be substantiated.