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What is HON accreditation of the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood?

Health on the Net Foundation (HON) was an international non-profit under the United Nations dedicated to inspecting and accrediting medical websites for accurate and ethical content. Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation was the only cord blood organization that was continuously accredited by HON, from May 2001 until HON shut down Dec. 2022

Websites accredited under the HON code are committed to abide by these 8 principles:

  1. Authority - Give qualifications of authors
  2. Complementarity - Information to support, not replace physician
  3. Confidentiality - Respect the privacy of site users
  4. Attribution - Cite the sources and dates of medical information
  5. Justifiability - Justification of claims / balanced and objective claims
  6. Transparency - Accessibility, provide valid contact details
  7. Financial disclosure - Provide details of funding
  8. Advertising - Clearly distinguish advertising from editorial content