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How many transplants of cord blood in India?

Although several cord blood banks in India are licensed to conduct public banking, our research finds that for several years there have been virtually no cord blood transplants in India from public banks. The only banks providing donor (allogeneic) cord blood transplants in India right now are Community Banks.

We have compiled this information from the annual reports of World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA). Public cord blood banks operate under strict international regulations. They must report to WMDA each year how many transplants they have released, and whether those releases stay in their native country or travel to another country.

In the graph below, we plot red bars with numbers on the right vertical axis displays cord blood transplants in India each year, either from public banks in India or shipped into India from other public banks. There were only two transplants per year in 2017 and 2018, and none since. Meanwhile, the blue line with numbers on the left vertical axis plots all cord blood transplants in the geographic region that the WMDA calls "Asia". In other Asian countries combined, there are over 1500 cord blood transplants per year.


Cord Blood Transplants in India from Public Banks 2015-2021