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CBR & NAHN Partner to Heighten Awareness of Cord Blood Options

November 2015

partnership NAHN & CBR

In July 2015, Cord Blood Registry® (CBR®) and the National Association of Hispanic Nurses® (NAHN®) announced that the two organizations have entered into a collaboration focused on educating health care providers and the public about the importance of preserving cord blood stem cells. Through active counseling to promote informed decision making by Latina expectant mothers, CBR and NAHN will strive to reach an increasing number of Hispanic families that may benefit from the storage or donation of cord blood stem cells. The partnership will offer cord blood stem cell education and outreach to Hispanic nurses in the form of continuing medical education, materials support, and online resources for those healthcare professionals working with Latino expectant parents.

To help Hispanic families make an informed decision, it is critical that healthcare providers be able to counsel and offer bilingual educational materials. The inclusion of diversity is central to CBR's health education initiatives. Please click here to access CBR's Spanish-language patient education resource.