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CariCord signs marketing agreement with ASCEND Therapeutics

July 2016
Calvin Cole

U. Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus aerial view at sunset

CariCord is a family cord blood bank that is partnered with the public cord blood bank at the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine that is operated by ClinImmune Labs. Parents now have one cord blood bank that both accepts public donations, as well as provides family storage, and develops regenerative medicine therapies within a new cGMP laboratory.

The laboratory that is shared by CariCord and ClinImmune is located at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora. CariCord is the only family cord blood bank that offers stem cell processing and storage at a facility that has received the FDA Biologics License. The University’s public cord blood bank has provided over 800 units for successful transplants worldwide.

The latest hospital to sign up to collect donations for the Univeristy of Colorado's public cord blood bank is the Margot Perot Center for Women and Infants at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. The Margot Perot center delivers over 5,000 babies each year and has repeatedly been named the “Best Place to Have a Baby” by DallasChild magazine.

As a partner to the public bank, CariCord will be providing parent education and maternal consent for donation at the Margot Perot Center. "Together as a hybrid cord blood bank we are working hard to find new and better ways to give more mothers the opportunity to donate. Through education and team work we expect to find more efficient ways to build the national inventory with life-saving units" said Calvin Cole, CariCord’s President and CEO.

Now, Caricord has teamed up with Women’s Healthcare Company ASCEND Therapeutics® to increase their market presence nationwide. Founded in 2002 in Herndon, Virginia, ASCEND Therapeutics® (ASCEND) is a specialty pharmaceutical company solely focused on women’s healthcare. ASCEND’s specialty salesforce maintains successful relationships with a network of prominent OBGYN practices by fostering key relationships centered around providing value to their healthcare partners.

“We are very excited about this winning partnership,” said Calvin Cole.  “Positioning our highest quality cord blood banking with the specialized resource of ASCEND’s network will drive expecting parent referrals. Ultimately, mothers listen to their healthcare providers and want the best quality for their child’s future. The alliance of our proven cord blood banking at the university-developed, FDA-licensed lab with a respected resource to OBGYN’s like ASCEND delivers quality cord blood banking families can trust.”

CariCord and ClinImmune have developed a specialized technical training course for ASCEND to drive physician and consumer knowledge and awareness of cord blood collection, banking, treatments and developing therapies. This will empower ASCEND’s network to better inform leading doctors and expecting families.

“This unique opportunity fits with our dedication to provide such high quality health products to improve quality of life for women,” said ASCEND President and CEO, Jay Bua. “Our trained specialty representatives pride themselves on bringing value-added opportunities to their relationship networks in healthcare, and the CariCord manner of delivering cord blood services is an exciting addition. We look forward to driving its awareness and utilization so more families can have peace of mind knowing the stem cells preserved are of the highest quality and will be available to save or treat their loved one if needed.”