Parent bank: MLB

Vidaplus Células Madre is the Spain affiliate of MLB in Germany.

Business Experience

MLB laboratory follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. In 2005 MLB was founded within CBT, Centrum für Blutgerinnungsstörungen und Transfusionsmedizin, an elite medical center in Germany that specialized in diseases of the blood.  MLB operates as an independent company to process umbilical cord blood and bone marrow for transplants.

Collection Kit

A complete collection kit is provided, including certified materials, calibrated data-logger, information for parents and clinical staff and all necessary forms for cord blood collection, packaging and transportation.

Transportation Container

The transportation box is qualified for temperature controlled transport of cord blood and includes a data-logger for temperature monitoring.

Processing Method

MLB processes the umbilical cord blood in clean rooms with the automated Sepax cell separation system from Biosafe and handles the samples under aseptic conditions.

Components Stored

The final product stored is a preparation of leukocyte (white cell) concentrate containing CD 34 positive cells.

Storage Method

The samples are conserved in the gas phase of cryogenic nitrogen below -130 degrees C.

Licensing & Accreditation

The stem cell samples are produced under GMP-conditions within the framework of the production authorisation according to section 13 AMG (Arzneimittelgesetz - German Pharmaceutical Law).


- The contract covers stem cell storage for 20 years. After this time, an extension is possible.
- Any transportation of the stored samples (for example to a treatment center) will be under temperature controlled conditions in the gas phase of cryogenic nitrogen below -130 degrees C.


The price includes:
- Provision of collection kit
- Laboratory examinations
- Collection and processing of stem cells
- Storage for 20 years

Additional Services

- Storage Certification
- Certification of Analysis-results (upon request and in case of product application)
Address: Blasco de Garay 41, 28015 Spain
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