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Cord Blood Center - Italy


Parent bank: Cord Blood Center

The CORD BLOOD CENTER GROUP operates 4 processing and 8 storage facilities, all licensed under local regulation, in Romania (labs in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest), Slovak Republic (Eurocord-Slovakia lab), Czech Republic and Austria.  Website displays for multiple countries and languages.

Business Experience

CORD BLOOD CENTER RO is a member of the international CORD BLOOD CENTER Group, a leading cooperation of European cord blood banks with over 95,000 cord blood units stored for private and public use. The founding company of CORD BLOOD CENTER Group is the cord blood bank and cryogenic laboratory Eurocord-Slovakia.

Eurocord-Slovakia established its first laboratory in 1997 and cord blood banking begun in 1999; however our experts have had experience with cord blood processing since 1995. Eurocord-Slovakia released the first autologous cord blood therapy in Europe in 2004, for the successful treatment of 10 month old boy suffering medulloblastoma.

Cord blood processed in CORD BLOOD CENTER Group facilities was used for autologous and allogenic treatment worldwide (U.S., Italy, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Hungary and France).

CORD BLOOD CENTER Group has never been and does not intend to become involved in the storage or of embryonic stem cells.
CORD BLOOD CENTER RO provides trained staff answering phone calls.
CORD BLOOD CENTER RO is the first and leading cord blood bank in Romania.
CORD BLOOD CENTER RO is preparing to launch a public cord blood bank in Romania.

Collection Kit

  •     CORD BLOOD CENTER Group prefers and recommends cord blood collection before delivery of placenta, because this will increase collected volume and therefore amount of collected stem cells.
  •     CORD BLOOD CENTER Group collection kit is designed for gravity collection into bags. An extra kit for placental blood collection is added based on the agreement.
  •     Collection kit is double wrapped in aluminum packaging and inner sterile plastic wrapping, therefore suitable for C-Section collection.
  •     Collection kit is sent direct to mothers.
  •     Instructions for cord blood collection are part of a collection kit.

Transportation Container

  •    Transportation box contains thermal insulation, 2 gel packs and temperature logger chip.
  •     Transportation box was validated to maintain room temperature under test conditions.
  •     Transportation system (collection bag, boxes, packaging, etc) was certified and is in the compliance with I.A.T.A. and ADR regulations. 

Shipping Info

  • Shipment fee is always a part of a contract with parents.
  • Shipment is always arranged by CORD BLOOD CENTER, courier is available at weekdays and holiday.
  • The cooperating medical courier guarantees secure transport procedures designed for biology substances. Responsible persons are specially trained for handling biological material.

Processing Method

To maintain the highest possible amount of stem cells for future treatment CORD BLOOD CENTER Group processes and stores cord blood as a whole blood. The whole blood technique is the only way to store all possible stem cells found in cord blood such as: hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) and similar. This allows more opportunities for cord blood use in future.

Components Stored

CORD BLOOD CENTER Group stores cord blood in cryo-bags with 2-3 inseparably attached segments for identity testing. For each cord blood unit following samples are stored: cord blood, cord blood plasma, maternal blood plasma, maternal blood cells, all for additional testing required prior to release for transplantation.

Storage Method

Cord Blood Center Group stores cord blood in cryo-bags with 2-3 inseparable segments; all encased in secondary protective covering. Storage cryo-containers use vapor phase of liquid nitrogen. Direct after cryopreservation, cord blood is stored in quarantine container, then moved to permanent storage facility.

Licensing & Accreditation

CORD BLOOD CENTER RO processing and storage facilities are authorized and supervised by Romanian Ministry of Health, National Transplant Agency, Public Health Agency and Romanian College of Physicians.  CORD BLOOD CENTER RO is a holder of ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

Clinical Experience

  • Within European private cord blood banks CORD BLOOD CENTER Group (including Eurocord-Slovakia) have the highest number of cord blood grafts released for standard transplants (due to the fact that the also operate as a public bank).
  • CORD BLOOD CENTER Group have released 6 family cord blood units for self (autologous) therapy and sibling transplants and 11 cord blood units from their public bank for unrelated (allogenic) transplants (as of May 2011).
  • CORD BLOOD CENTER Group is also processing bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) grafts for autologous or allogenic treatment of pediatric patients.


  •     If cord blood graft is used for self therapy (autologous use) CORD BLOOD CENTER Group will
  •     re-pay to family up to € 155,000 for transplantation fee. In addition CORD BLOOD CENTER Group will provide € 30,000 contribution to support family to overcome hard times.
  •     Cord Blood Center Group charges storage fee annually which secure continuous cash flow and eliminates any possible risk of company insolvency.

Community Service

  •     CORD BLOOD CENTER RO is preparing to launch public cord blood bank in Romania.
  •     CORD BLOOD CENTER RO provides a Sibling Donor Program: free cord blood banking for families if there is a sibling suffering disease treatable by stem cell transplantation. So far, over 38 families in Romania have banked cord blood under the Sibling Donor Program.
  •     The discount for maternity hospital medical professionals: 10% - 100% from basic processing fees.


  • Basic price covers enrollment + shipment + processing
  • Basic price: 3,270 Ron (approx. 800 Euro)
  •  Annual storage fee: 190 RON (approx. 46 Euro)
  • DUO OPTION: Storage in two cryo bags = basic price + 290 RON annual storage fee
  • Discount for the second child 10 %.
  • Discount for twins cca. 20%.
  • Possibility to pay by Credit Account in cooperating commercial bank Banca Transilvania – 12 monthly installments.
  • Free cord blood banking for medical indication (sibling suffering disease treatable by cord blood transplantation).
  • Parents receive a full refund if cord blood was contaminated and it is not suitable for transplantation.

Additional Services

Combined blood collection from umbilical cord and placenta:
CBC GOLD Option = 3 720 RON + 190 RON annual storage fee

Address: Via Ferdinando I D'Aragona, 92, 76121 Barletta BT, Italy