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Family Bank: Redcord


Redcord S.A is the very first and largest privately owned cord blood bank in Colombia. For 13 years, Redcord has provided unparalleled customer service based on high-end technologies in all processes involved in cord blood stem cell´s collection and cryopreservation. Redcord´s laboratory is accredited by the Colombian health agency INVIMA and by ISO 9001-2000. They follow the protocols of Standard Joint Accreditation Committee ICST EBMT (J.A.C.I.E), and FACT accreditation is under process.

Labs and Locations

Redcord´s very own laboratory is settled in Bogota city in one of the most important health zones, a few steps from the well recognized Clinica del Country hospital: Carrera 16 # 82 – 29 7th Floor, Bogotá, Colombia

Redcord has commercial subsidiaries in both Medellin and Barranquilla:

Ciudad del río, Medellín
Calle 19A 44 25 Consultorio 1920
Clínica del prado

Puerto Colombia, Barranquilla
Cra 28 1 B 315 Consultorio 613
Clínica Portoazul

Business Experience

Redcord S.A. Banco de Células Madre del Cordón Umbilical has provided its services since 2003, operating its own lab. The bank is a subsidiary of Conceptum, a leading fertility clinic in Colombia. Since 1988 Conceptum has operated it's own lab with state of the art processing and cryopreservation of human embryos, eggs and sperm cells. Such experience in cryopreservation of live cells, was decisive in the attempt of opening a cord blood bank that could allow Colombian families the opportunity to preserve their baby's cord blood stem cells.

As of its foundation in 2003, Redcord has collected and processed over 8,000 cord blood units. On yearly basis, the bank processes nearly 1,000 units.

Customer Services Representatives are available 24/7, 365 days a year, ready to provide help and guidance in case of an emergency. Since 2015, the bank has opened two new subsidiaries in Medellin and Barranquilla, expanding its operations.

Collection Kit

The collection kit provides supplies for gravity collection of cord blood into an FDA-approved, sterile collection bag.  The sterile PALL collection bag that is provided in every kit may be used in the operating room during a C-Section.  The anti-coagulant is Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Solution (CPD).  The sterilization supplies are Iodine Swabs.

Transportation container

The Redcord shipping container is guaranteed to maintain room temperature for a certain number of hours.

Shipping Info

Redcord provides shipping arrangements, within the country. Employees of Redcord will pick up the blood from hospitals in the Bogotá area 365 days of the year. Elsewhere in Colombia, the courier Ocasa International, a specialist in the transportation of biological tissue, will collect the cord blood container.

Processing Method

Redcord uses automated Sepax cell separation equipment from Biosafe. The Sepax main processing unit allows the controlled separation of stem cells in a fully automated and closed environment. Each cord blood sample received by the bank is subjected to rigorous studies of infectious diseases. CD34+ count – a requirement from transplants centers – is also included. At Redcord, even low volume cord blood samples are fully processed. Within 30 days of all processing, parents are provided with a certificate describing tests results, cell counts and viability.

Licensing & Accreditation

Redcord is accredited by the Colombian health agency INVIMA as well as ISO  9001-2000.
Redcord follows the protocols of JACIE, and wishes to get FACT accreditation.

Community Service

Since 2005 Redcord established RedLife, a corporate social responsibility program designed solely for the common wealth of families in need. The program offers free cord blood banking to families which happen to have an immediate relative with a diagnosis that can be treated with cord blood cells transplantation. 


Total cost includes: Collection kit, courier, processing and storage fee. No enrollment fee is ever required.
Storage plans vary from 1 year up to 18 years, upon agreement with the bank.
Annual storage fee is an option.
Payment plans are available.

Address: Carrera 16, Calle 82-29, Colombia.
Phone Numbers
+57 1-616-4442