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Family Bank: MaterCell


Matercell was the first private cord blood bank for family storage in Argentina, founded in 2003. They have representatives throughout Argentina and in other Latin American countries.

Business Experience

MaterCell Argentina is part of a multinational company, MaterCell Biotech Switzerland, and therefore has its back, and uses world-class technology, unique in our country. Our team is headed by the Dr. Claudio Chillik, president of the Association of Banks of Stem Cells (ABC cord). We train and train different stem cell banks in other countries like Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay and Dominican Republic.

Licensing & Accreditation

We are the first bank in Argentina in having a management system quality according to international standard ISO 9001:2008, certified by Bureau Veritas Argentina.

Clinical Experience

Since 2003, more than 20,000 families put their trust in us to preserve the cord blood of their children in the best way. Several of our samples have already been used in regenerative medicine treatments, both at home and in the US, demonstrating the quality of cryopreserved sample.

Address: Gallo 1228,Ciudad Autonoma deCapital Federal, Argentina.
Phone Numbers
+54 11 4964 3333