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Family Bank: MaterCell


Matercell is the first family cord bank in Argentina. Established in 2003, it offers processing and storage of stem cell from baby´s umbilical cord blood and tissue. We also are the only bank in Argentina offering mesenchymal stem cell expansion.  

Labs and Locations

We process, test, verify and cryo-preserve at our own lab located in Gallo 1228, Ciudad Autonoma de Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Business Experience

Matercell has marketed cord bloood banking since 2003; it has stored 35.000 samples, becoming the biggest bank in Argentina. We collect samples from all over the country, with branches in Córdoba, Mendoza and Rosario, and subsidiaries in Uruguay, Venezuela and Dominican Republic.

As  pioneers in the industry, our companies are recognized as regional leaders in cord blood and cord tissue preservation. Our processing techniques and quality control are held to the highest standards in the country.

Collection Kit

Matercell Collection Kit includes a sterile collection bag developed by Rivero, a local corporation.  The bag is pre-filled with citrate phosphate dextrose (CPD), and is ANMAT approved  as anti-coagulant and cell preservative. The blood bag is contained in a double antiseptic bag that allows it to be used in laboratory clean rooms and inside & outside for C-Section use. Other Kit Components are: An antiseptic wipe to clean the umbilical cord prior to cord blood collection. maternal blood tubes, shipping labels/instructions and sterile tissue tubes.

Transportation container

Shipping of cord blood collection kit to the parents is included in the standard contract price. The collection and transportation kit comes in a special insulated container validated to maintain room temperature under test conditions. 

Shipping Info

Matercell has a medical courier on staff for personalized pickup of cord blood collections from hospitals within a 50 mile radius. Out of area shipping is by TANET, private medical authorized courier for us in faraway places of our country.  The courier is available 24/7 hrs to minimize the time between labor and the processing of the sample.

Matercell laboratory is open 7 days a week, so it is possible to initiate the cells separation as soon as the sample arrives.

Processing Method

Matercell uses a validated processing method that combines a manual cell separation with sedimentation and spin under  the “Rubinstein method” procedures.


Components Stored

The component of the blood that is stored after processing contains white blood cells and stem cells plus testing portions to be used prior for any transplant. There are three integrally attached test segments for confirmatory tests.  We also store five test aliquots for additional testing: initial HLA, QC, post thaw viability, etc. Parents are provided with a personalized report from the Matercell Cord Blood Bank that includes: cord blood volume processed, Total Nucleated Cell (TNC)count, CD34+ count, viability, maternal viral testing, and fluid.

Storage Method

The cord blood is stored in a two compartment blood bag with two integrally attached test segments. The blood bag is then placed in an overwrap pouch for additional safety. This wrapped bag is set in a metal case prior to placement in the inventory system in liquid nitrogen storage tanks. (Licensing & Accreditation by Air liquid Co).

Our laboratory is registered, certified and accreditated by ABCordon. Matercell is accredited by ISO for general quality practices

At the Matercell laboratory we have our own liquid nitrogen storage system that provides high efficiency, uninterrupted service to our storage units as well as a powerful back-up generators to guarantee that stem cells and tissue are safe. Also it has 24 hours video surveillance, emergency generators and a wireless temperature alarm system to ensure the safety and security of all samples.

Licensing & Accreditation

Matercell is the first bank in Argentina in having a management system quality according to international standard ISO 9001:2008, certified by Bureau Veritas Argentina.

Clinical Experience

Matercell participates in clinical trials using cord blood. We delivered samples to other countries to participate, for example, in clinicaltrials at Duke University several times in various pathologies. Matercell cord blood samples have been used to treat Oxygen deprivation at birth, Cerebral Palsy, Bone reconstitution in Spain, and cleft palate reconstitution in Argentina.  

The Tissue Bank Director or Medical Director may contact clients directly in cases where the processing results are out of the reference range. If the final cord blood stem cell count is low (for transplant use), parents are informed and may opt not to store it. As of 2018, more than 35,000 samples have been processed and stored by Matercell.

Community Service

We offer discounts for medical doctors, and also offer competitive rates to all domestic clients.

Free banking is given to families where an immediate relative has a diagnosis for which transplantation is standard therapy.


Payment is due at the time the cord blood unit is stored at Matercell Processing Laboratory. Enrollment, courier, and 1st year storage fee: $535 (cord blood only, single birth) Subsequent annual storage fee $150. Discounts for pre-paid annual storage are available.  Contact Matercell for current prices and promotions.

Additional Services

We are the only family bank in Argentina offering umbilical cord tissue storage with previous expansion of mesenchymal stem cells.

Prices with Additional Services

Enrollment, courier, processing and 1st year storage fee: $ 857  (cord blood + cord tissue with previous expansion of mesenchymal stem cells, single birth). Subsequent annual storage fee $320. Discounts for pre-paid annual storage are available.

Address: Gallo 1228, Ciudad Autonoma de Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina