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Family Bank: Insception Lifebank

Insception Lifebank


Insception Lifebank Cord Blood Program, is the first, largest, and most experienced national FACT‐accredited cord blood bank in Canada.

Labs and Locations

Insception Lifebank Cord Blood Program, is the first, largest, and most experienced national FACT‐accredited cord blood bank in Canada.

Insception  is a private company that has been banking cord blood since 1996.  Originally the company was based at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto. In 2004, the founding leaders moved the operations to a new laboratory in Mississauga, Ontario, where the cord blood is processed in clean rooms. In September 2012, Insception acquired Lifebank Corporation based in Vancouver, British Columbia. By continuing to partner with leading Canadian hospitals such as Toronto's Mount Sinai and Scarborough Hospitals, the Insception Lifebank Cord Blood Program is able to provide every Canadian family with security, state‐of‐the‐art processing and storage, financial stability and long-term professional governance.

Business Experience

Insception is Canada's largest and most experienced cord blood program, partnered with leading hospitals such as Mount Sinai Hospital and The Scarborough Hospital.  Starting in 1996, our Founders at Mount Sinai Hospital formed Canada's first cord blood bank: the Toronto Cord Blood Program. In 2004, after many successes operating within Mount Sinai Hospital, the Toronto Cord Blood Program chose to expand by partnering with Insception to raise their cord blood offering to a new and higher level of excellence, all aimed at expanding the potential uses for cord blood samples in the treatment of diseases.

Collection Kit

  • Fenwal Optipak collection bag – gravity collection process
  • CPD anticoagulant
  • Isopropyl alcohol and povodone iodine disinfectant wipes
  • Sterile collection bag Collection kit is sterile inside & outside for C-Section use

Transportation container

  • Local – transport container validated to maintain temp at 2-8 C under test conditions and contains data logger.
  • Long Haul - transport container validated to maintained at 2-8 degrees Celcius using provided ice packs.




Shipping Info

  • Shipping arrangements are made by the bank.
  • The contract price does not include shipping.
  • Dedicated Medical Courier are used: Local courier is Vital Line Express, and Long Haul shipping is with First International.

Processing Method

Manual cell separation based on the “Rubinstein method”.

Components Stored

  • The blood component stored is the buffy coat holding white cells and stem cells, plus 4 integrally attached segments.
  • Parents are provided with a letter confirming the volume of the collection. 
  • A full test results profile is available to clients upon request: Total Nucleated Cell count, Viability.

Storage Method

  • Final Storage is in Cryobags.
  • The bags stay in an electronic quarantine freezer pending results of testing for infectious diseases.
  • The quarantine bags are kept in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen, so that over wrap in not necessary.
  • Collections that pass the infectious disease testing go into final storage freezers directly in liquid nitrogen.

Licensing & Accreditation

  • Insception Cord Blood Program is registered with Health Canada  and is AABB Accredited. 
  • As of May 2012, Insception is also FACT Accredited.
  • Reference testing labs used by the bank are licensed by Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC)

Clinical Experience

  • Insception Lifebank has over 68,000 cord blood collections in storage (as of July 2016).
  • Number of family cord blood collections released for transplants: 14
  • Number of family cord blood collections released to the donor child for regenerative medicine therapy: 16


Not applicable.

Community Service

Insception's “Wings of Hope” Medical Need Program is the largest initiative of its kind in Canada, with over 350 families who have participated since 2004. If a family is approved as Medical Need, Insception will waive the initial fee for processing. If the cord blood unit is not used within the first year for treatment, the family becomes responsible for the annual storage fee of $125 starting on the baby's first birthday. In order to qualify, we require a referral letter from an oncologist/haematologist.

The Victoria Feldberg Cord Blood Fund
The costs associated with the collection and storage of cord blood are not covered under provincial health care plans, and many families in financial need cannot afford to pay for the program on their own. Several years ago, the Feldberg family set out to give such families the chance to store their child's cord blood. Each year, the Victoria Feldberg Fund  provides funding to allow participation in Insception's cord blood program for 10 families that exhibit financial need who are delivering at Mount Sinai Hospital.

The Feldbergs are making this unique donation through their company, the Embanet Corporation, a leader in the delivery of Internet courses and training. Embanet supports more than 350 organizations and more than one million life-long learners worldwide by providing a virtual learning experience.


PACKAGE 1 - Annual Payment Option
Initial Payment of $1,125 (includes first year storage)
+ Annual Storage Fee (currently $125)
+ Courier Fee
+ Taxes

PACKAGE 2 - Pre-payment Option
Initial Payment of $1,125 (includes first year storage)
+ One-time Storage Payment $1,725 (covers 17 years)
+ Courier Fee
+ Taxes
This option represents a saving of $400 and secures against annual storage rate increases over the 18 years of the contract

For each additional birth within the pregnancy
+ Collection Kit Fee - $100 (non-refundable)
(includes courier fee)
+ Processing Fee - $500 (savings of $150)
+ Annual Storage Fee -$125
+ Taxes


Pay in full (payment due when collection kit is released)
3, 6, or 12* FIXED** month installment plan ** $25 (3 months), $35 (6 months) and $45 (12months)  administration fee, + tax
*12 month installment plan is only available with Package 2
For payment plan options, the first payment is 20% of the total and subsequent payments will follow every month thereafter. Currently the collection of cord blood is not covered by provincial health plans therefore you may be charged a collection fee by your physician and/or hospital in addition to the fees listed herein.

Address: 1620 Tech Avenue, Ontario, Canada
Phone Numbers
(Free): 866-606-2790 (Office): 905-206-2790