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Family Bank: eticur)


 eticur) GmbH is based at the University of Erlangen and provides both family storage of cord blood and public donation within Germany.

Labs and Locations

Stem Cell Bank of the University Clinic of Erlangen
Department for Transfusion Medicine and Hematology

Business Experience

  • The University of Erlangen has processed bone marrow since 1992, has operated their own GMP-lab since 1998, and began cord blood banking 1999.
  • eticur) GmbH has marketed cord blood banking since 2005. The inventory of cord blood collections kept in the bank’s laboratory was 12.000 as of Feb. 2012.

Collection Kit

eticur) kit provides supplies for gravity collection into a Macopharma blood bag with CPD anti-coagulant. This bag is sterile both inside and out for C-section deliveries. The disinfection supplies are CutaSept®

Transportation container

eticur) container has gel packs and a temperature logger.  It is validated to maintain room temperature for 48 hours under test conditions.

Shipping Info

  • The contract price includes shipping and the arrangements are made by eticur)
  • Shipping is only done within Germany
  • The courier service is Go! Express & Logistics, Munich, Germany, available 24/7
  • Transportation to the laboratory in Erlangen is within 24 hours (not 48 h)

Processing Method

Cord blood stem cells are manually separated by the “Rubinstein method"

Components Stored

The separation process isolates the "buffy coat" layer of blood holding white cells and stem cells.  This is stored together with a sample of maternal blood and 4 testing portions. eticur) provides parents with a certificate describing test results: cell counts, viability, HLA-markers, and tests for infectious diseases.

Storage Method

  • eticur) final storage is in two blood bags: R4R9951 from Nexell Therapeutics, Inc., 9 Parker, Irvine, CA 92618, USA;
  • The bags are encased in over-wrap and placed inside metal cases that load on racks in the freezer
  • The bags go first into temporary storage in a quarantine freezer, then move to a long term freezer
  • The freezer uses the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen
  • Freezer brand: Consarctic Biofreeze BV50 and BV40

Licensing & Accreditation


  • DIN ISO 9001:2000
  • EFI (European Foundation for Immunogenetics) - 2002
  • PEI (Paul Ehrlich Institute) - 2004
  • DIN ISO 15189 - 2006


Clinical Experience

The pediatric oncologists of the University of Erlangen carried out their first allogenic transplantation of stem cells from bone marrow in 1984 and of allogenic PBSC in1987 (the worldwide first transplantation of allogenic PBSC to a child). In 2010 they carried out an autologous transplantation of cord blood stem cells in a case of bone marrow failure (as the child was borne in the USA, the cord blood was stored there as well).  In 2010 the first adult patient was successfully treated at the University of Erlangen with allogenic cord blood stem cells.  So far, no cord blood collections in family storage have yet been released for therapy.


In case of need, the patient will receive the closest matching unit in the public portion of the bank inventor.

Community Service

  • Free banking is given to families where an immediate relative has a diagnosis for which transplantation is standard therapy.
  • Parents have the option to have their child's cord blood typed and listed on  a registry in case it is needed be an unrelated patient.


Total initial cost €2.500 covers €300 enrollment plus €2.200processing
This covers 25 years of storage
After 25 years: €330 (+ sales tax + inflationary compensation) for another 10 years storage
Payment plans available upon request

Additional Services


Prices with Additional Services

Not applicable.

Address: Am Klopferspitz 19, 82152Germany.
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