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Family Bank: Cryo Stemcell


Cryo Stemcell Karnataka Pvt Ltd is India's first family cord blood bank, established in May 2003.

Business Experience

The objectives of Cryo Stemcell are not solely commercial even though the directors are committed to creating a financially strong entity. Research will be accorded a high priority and a substantial share of the profits generated will be ploughed back into research.

Goals & Objectives

  • - Offering World class banking facility service for storing of umbilical cord blood stem cells, thereby ensuring you and your newborn's future need.
  • - Short-term cryopreservation of mobilized peripheral blood stem cells for use in treatment of cancers, arranging for appropriate stem cell therapies as and when needed.
  • - Establishing research collaborations with academic institutions in India & abroad for promoting basic research in stem cells.
  • - Supporting of NGO's such as the Thalassemia Society.
  • - To create awareness by arranging lectures and seminars.
  • - Establishing a world class specialty hospital for stem cells based transplants therapy and related clinical research.
Address: 1872, 38th Cross Rd5th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041 India