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Family Bank: Bebé Vida


Bebé Vida was founded in 2004, starting the storage activity in 2005.  In 2011, Bebe Vida was authorized by the Portuguese Ministry of Health to offer banking of cord blood stem cells. During 2012 they launched the service of mesenchymal stem cell cryopreservation from umbilical cord matrix/tissue. Bebé Vida is accredited by ISO 9001.

Business Experience

In 2012 and for the second consecutive year Bebé Vida was considered as leader small-medium company in Portugal by IAPMEI and Portuguese banks.

Community Service

“Criopreservação gratuita para familiares com baixos rendimentos e familiares portadores de doença com indicação para transplante”

Address: Avenida de França, no. 476/486 4050-277Portugal.
Phone Numbers
Office +351 228 328 411 +351 228 328 411