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Family Bank: Banco de Cordon Umbilical (BCU)


BCU is proud to be a company with very high quality standards and carries certification under ISO 9001-2008 standards for both the laboratory and the administrative area.

Business Experience

BCU was founded in 2001 by a group of visionaries who bet on the scientific advances from stem cells in umbilical cord blood. Initially they sent their collections to NECBB in Boston, but in 2002 they built their own laboratory. By 2014 BCU has expanded nationally to 28 offices in major cities.

Meanwhile BCU has also expanded to other countries. In 2008 BCU opened a franchise with a laboratory in Brazil.

BCU has also expanded to other sources of stem cells. In 2011 Dentcell was created, the which is dedicated to the extraction, cultivation and storage of mesenchymal stem cells found in the primary teeth, as well as third molars, thus giving parents a new option to save this important genetic material.

In late 2015 CryoHoldCo bought a controlling interest in BCU and have consolidated some of their operations with Cryo-Cell Mexico.

Address: Parque de Granada, 52786 Naucalpan de Juárez, Méxio, México
Phone Numbers
+52 (55) 55 20 12 16