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Royan Cord Blood Stem Cells Save A Life

August 2015

Amir Hossein RashidiAmir Hossein Rashidi is a 12-year old boy from Iran, Fars Province, Shiraz. He became sick with a disease known as leukemia (ALL type 2) since he was only 4 years old. He underwent chemotherapy for a couple of times, but each time the disease relapsed after a short while. To save his life, the experts reached to the consensus that a stem cell transplantation would be the only solution.

Amir Hossein has two siblings whose bone marrow were not matched with him, while his younger brother, Amir Taha, was a perfect match. The matching baby brother had his cord blood saved in Royan Stem Cell Technology Company.

In the dim light of Amir Hossein's life, cord blood stem cells appeared as the early dawn.

A cord blood transplant from his baby brother saved Amir Hossein and opened a new horizon to his future life. This operation was performed in Shariati Hospital which is the main hematopoietic transplantation center in Iran. Amir Hossein is pictured here with Dr. Morteza Zarrabi, Managing Director of Royan. Today Amir Hossein wishes to become an engineer in the oil and gas industry and serve his country.

We know there are lots more young boys and girls just like Amir Hossein and we find ourselves accountable to them and to the whole human community. We are keen on helping children and families through cord blood banking and transplantation and we will move heaven and earth to put it into effect and bring all people's hope into existence.

Royan Stem Cell Technology Royan Stem Cell Technology operates a hybrid public/private cord blood bank that was founded in 2005 and works together with scientists, researchers and experts in the field of Immunology, Hematology and Oncology. Royan has branches in more than 23 cities throughout Iran and has grown to store over 50 thousand family cord blood units and over 5 thousand public donations of cord blood. Royan Cord Blood Bank will do its utmost to race ahead the path of success according to the mission and vision set in advance so that it plays its role in the region.