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PacifiCord a Healthbanks Biotech Company

July 2016
HealthBanks Biotech Group


PacifiCord is a private cord blood bank that is devoted to providing advanced technology and outstanding concierge service to families in California and the entire United States.  In addition to being located in the US, PacifiCord takes pride in being a member of the global community under the leadership of PacifiCord’s parent company, HealthBanks Biotech.

HealthBanks Biotech offers services to families worldwide through its five sister companies located in the United States (PacifiCord), Taiwan (HealthBanks),  Hong Kong (HealthBaby), Macau, and Thailand. HealthBanks Biotech is the most established Asian cord blood bank network, having over 15 years of experience, over 110,000 private clients, and the most international accreditations including FACT, AABB, HOKLAS, CAP, and ISO.

Healthbanks also operates a public cord blood bank that participates in the Be The Match Registry®.  It is important to HealthBanks Biotech to give families who may not have saved their babies own cord blood the opportunity to find a match for a transplant. 

The establishment of HealthBanks Biotech was the result of the vision that stem cells could one day transform modern medicine, and for the past 15 years, the company has grown to be one of the world’s leading private and public cord blood banks.

PacifiCord Client Kristi Henaghan, CNM, FNP, BSN: "After meeting my husband, who has cystic fibrosis, I found out that I was also a carrier of the disease. Discovering this information changed our entire thought process about having children. My husband and I believe in the importance of cord blood banking, especially due to the illness that has affected his life."

HealthBanks Biotech also strives for advancements in stem cell research. HealthBanks became the first company to offer famililes cord tissue storage in 2008 and remains a pioneer in enhancing the quality and viability of stem cells from cord tissue. In addition, the company has been at the forefront of stem cell research, vaccine development, and pharmaceuticals for nearly 30 years to identify better treatments for clinical diseases.  

From processing and storing cord blood in private and public banks, to discovering new ways stem cells can be used to treat and cure diseases, HealthBanks takes pride in being a leader and innovator in the cord blood industry. With global best practices, HealthBanks is able to fulfill its vision - providing families with the ultimate protection for their baby’s stem cells today, as well as for tomorrow’s use.