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Macopharma cord blood collection bag now available in the United States

May 2019

Macopharma final storage bag


Macopharma has now launched their dual needle, FDA NDA approved cord blood collection bag in the United States. Macopharma has been a leading supplier of cord blood collection kits in Europe and across the rest of the world for over 15 years.

The Macopharma collection kits include a variety of innovative features. These include an additional 12G needle, graduations to provide an indication of the collected blood volume, and a CPD rinsing pouch. The exterior of the bag is sterile and has an overwrap making the product suitable for caesarian section deliveries.

It is hoped that the launch of the kit will provide some much-needed options to US cord blood banks looking to optimize their collection procedures. Macopharma’s aim is to assist banks in the common goal of improving the number of bankable cord blood units collected in the United States. 


Macopharma double 12-gauge needles



• Red permanent clamp

• Graduations showing volume indication

• Sterile inside inner overwrap - suitable for C-Section deliveries


Macopharma in-line rinsing bagSAFETY AND PERFORMANCE

• Maximum collection volume of up to 250 mL

• 35 mL of Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD) anticoagulant solution (including 8 mL in rinsing bag)

• In-line rinsing bag containing anticoagulant allows for maximal volume recovery frm the tubing

• 12-gauge needles to aid in maximizing flow

• The double needle system enables users to make a second venipuncture to assist in maximizing volume recovery

• SecuvamTM needle guard minimizes the potential risk of accidental needle stick injury

• 2 year shelf life

Canadian Blood Services has made a video showing an ex-utero collection with a Macopharma collection bag:


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