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The 3rd Annual Perinatal Stem Cell Society Congress 19-21 May 2017

February 2017
Kyle Cetrulo

When & Where is this year's meeting of the Perinatal Stem Cell Society?

The 3rd Annual Perinatal Stem Cell Society Congress is taking place May 19 – 21, 2017 in Teaneck, NJ.  We call this meeting, The Future of Regenerative Medicine Congress:  Extending and Improving Life with Perinatal, Adipose and Bone Marrow Cellular Therapy. Visit for more information.

We decided to broaden the topics on the agenda with an eye on the future of the entire Regenerative Medicine field.  The goal of the congress is to bring attendees up-to-date with evidence-based research and products derived from Perinatal sources (Amnion, Amniotic Fluid, Cord Blood, Cord Tissue and Placenta), as well as Adipose Tissue and Bone Marrow, along with advanced wound care and other important medical advancements. 

Many of the challenges such as manufacturing and regulatory questions that are facing the cord blood/perinatal industry also extend to the more established regenerative medicine companies. The front lines of stem cell therapy in the United States are the use of autologous Adipose and Bone Marrow stem cells in the clinic and the use of FDA361 regulated products that are derived from Perinatal sources such as Cord Tissue, Amnion, and Placenta.  

With the passing of the 21st Century Cures Act that creates an accelerated pathway for cellular therapy, we are optimistic that in the near future, patients will be able to receive the world’s best cellular therapies right here in the United States from leading hospitals, clinics, and doctors. 

Who is the intended audience for this meeting? And will the meeting still be focused on Perinatal Stem Cells?

This meeting is 100% for cord blood bankers even though we include talks on Adipose and Bone Marrow sources.  We believe that cord blood banks will very soon extend product offerings that include Amnion and Placenta in addition to the Cord Blood and Cord Tissue products currently offered.  Our meeting will host companies with experience manufacturing and selling Perinatal derived products that have successfully dealt with the same challenges facing the cord blood field.  Our meeting is a great opportunity for the cord blood banking community to learn from the leading companies that offer FDA361 regulated Perinatal products.

Cord blood has been used for human therapy over 40,000 times, whereas FDA361 products derived from Perinatal sources such as Amnion, Cord tissue, Placenta and even Amniotic Fluid have been used to treat humans in over 1,000,000 cases - primarily for wound healing.  Moreover, the indications for use of the FDA361 products continue to grow.

The goal of the Perinatal Stem Cell Society is to advance the progress of Perinatal Stem Cells to the clinic so that patients will benefit.  As such, we want to understand the current best in class, safe and efficacious, treatment options that are taking place today both in the United States and outside.  Our meeting is designed for researchers and front line medical practitioners such as Plastic Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Podiatrists, Nurses and any clinician or scientist working in the field of regenerative medicine.  Attendees will learn about technologies that facilitate treatment options from Adipose Tissue, Bone Marrow and Platelet-Rich Plasma, as well Perinatal Stem Cell sources such as Cord Blood, Cord Tissue, Amnion and Placenta. 

What separates the Future of Regenerative Medicine Congress from other meetings in the field?

Our faculty is composed of the world’s leaders in the field. Conference Chairs include: 

  • Curtis L. Cetrulo, Jr, MD  - national leader in vascularized composite allotransplantation.
  • Anthony Atala, MD - leading researcher in the field of growing human tissues and organs.
  • Adam W. Anz, MD - sports medicine specialist focused on joint preservation surgery.  
  • Joanne Kurtzberg, MD - pioneer in use of Cord Blood to treat acquired neurological disorders.  
  • Charles Cox, MD -  use of Cord Blood to treat neonatal brain injuries.  
  • Joachim Kohn, PhD - the Director of the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials

What are the advantages of your partnership with the PRESENT e-Learning Systems?

PRESENT, established in 2003, is a Medical Education and Communication company that has become a leader in the field by providing high quality, evidence-based online and live medical educational programming.  PRESENT is in 137 countries and has had over 250,000 medical education downloads through their software.  After our physical meeting is over, the Perinatal Society will have access to this cutting edge educational platform that will enable us to disseminate the knowledge generated at the 2017 Future of Regenerative Medicine Congress.

How do participants register and receive CME credits?

One of the central roles of the Perinatal Stem Cell Society is to advance the regenerative medicine field through education. As such, we have made efforts to assure that this meeting is easily accessible and affordable to practitioners from many locations and stages of their career.  We are  offering a $399 early bird registration fee that runs until March 17th and then the registration fee will be $499. Register for only $299 with the discount code PGCB. The conference hotel is a reasonable $159 per night.

In order to reach more clinicians who are just starting their careers, we have special rates for them: Meeting registration is FREE to all residents, fellows and students. We are also fund raising on the Perinatal Stem Cell Society website to provide travel stipends to students as well.  

This meeting carries 16 Continuing Education Credits (CME). Please join us May 19-21 2017 in Teaneck, NJ for the Future of Regenerative Medicine Congress. Visit for more information.