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Izvorna Celica

Izvorna Celica


Parent bank: PBKM FamiCord

In 2019, Izvorna Celica celebrated 10 years of business in Slovenia. Izvorna Celica is part of the Bio Save Group, operating in 7 countries of South East Europe to provide expectant parents with education and access to storage of newborn stem cells. As part of the Bio Save Group, Izvorna Celica has access to Bio Save Foundation, which helps families in need for stem cell therapy.  The Bio Save Group works in partnership with FamiCord, the largest family cord blood banking network in Europe.

Business Experience

- FamiCord is currently controlled by Enterprise Investors.
- The history of Famicord began in 2002 with cord blood banking at the lab of PBKM.
- FamiCord Group is the largest cord blood bank in Europe.
- FamiCord also offers public donation of cord blood.
- FamiCord owns a network of medical consultants and staff that answer telephones and e-mails.

Collection Kit

Proprietary bag developed by CryoProfile Company for PBKM
Type of anti-coagulant: CPD

Transportation Container

Container is IATA certified

Shipping Info

The contract price includes shipping.

Processing Method

Laboratory technicians perform manual cell separation by sedimentation and centrifuge.

Components Stored

The final storage is the separated "buffy coat", a blood component that holds white cells and stem cells.  Also 4 testing segments are stored.

Storage Method

- Final storage in cord blood freezing bags packed in metal cassettes
- Freezer uses vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen

Licensing & Accreditation

Some FamiCord laboratories are accredited by their national Ministry of Health. These FamiCord laboratories are accredited by AABB for cord blood banking: PBKM in Poland, Krio in Hungary, Sevibe Cells in Spain.

Clinical Experience

- FamiCord family storage released for transplants: 45
- FamiCord also collects cord blood donations for the public, and has released 1 donation for a transplant.
- FamiCord participates in clinical trials (under bioethical committee approvals) using stem cells from cord blood and cord tissue.


If the privately stored cord blood is released for treatment, the family will receive a monetary amount to help cover the costs of therapy.

Community Service

- Free banking to families where an immediate relative has a diagnosis for which transplantation is standard therapy.
- Discounts to medical doctors.


FamiCord total cost = $200 (enrollment) + $500 (processing) + $125 (annual storage fee)
Discounts for pre-paid annual storage: 20 years in advance costs 1500$
Payment plans and discounts available upon request

Additional Services

Storage of umbilical cord tissue, aka Wharton's Jelly
Newborn genetic testing
Baby Insurance

Free in Slovenia 080 24 23
Office: +386 05 903 15 27
Address: Kotnikova ulica 30, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia