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Family Bank: Stem Medicina Regenerativa


Stem Medicina Regenerativa (Banco de Células Stem de Colombia) leads stem cell banking in Colombia, with extensive experience not only in cryopreservation of umbilical cord stem cells, but also in clinical application, with more than 40 successful transplants. We are the only Colombian bank with the endorsement of FECOLSOG (Colombian Federation of Gynaecologycs and Obstetrics). We are also certified by ISO and ICONTEC, and work closely with COLCIENCIAS as a research group. We specialize in the complete cycle of Regenerative Medicine.

Labs and Locations

Stem Banco de Células Madre,
Calle 113 N°7-45 Edif. Teleport,
Santa Ana -Usaquén Bogotá,
Colombia, South América.

Business Experience

Since 2003, Stem Medicina Regenerativa has provided parents the opportunity to cryopreserve their baby's stem cells, to the families in Colombia. More than 7000 families have trusted us with that important decision. We have a large scientific team that not only has experience in managing cord blood stem cells protocols, but stem cells from adipose tissue and mesenchymal stem cells. We have 24/7 logistics that operates every day of the year, ready to provide service to our customers at any time.

Collection Kit

Stem Medicina Regenerativa have designed an Experience Kit, which has a specialized collection kit.

Transportation container

Stem Medicina Regenerativa team has major experience in biological material shipping, and we have a contingency plan in our compartment kit, which will ensure the sample in case something special happen.

Shipping Info

Stem Medicina Regenerativa is responsible for the entire process from the time when the mother starts labor. Our logistics team will monitor the process of sampling, transporting and arrival at our lab. We work with Ocasa International, specialist in  biological material transport, collecting samples 24/7, 365 days a year (including holidays). Contract price includes shipping*.

Processing Method

Stem Medicina Regenerativa performs Manual cell separation by the "Rubinstein method".

Components Stored

Stem Medicina Regenerativa stores enriched mononuclear cells (MNC), a fragment of the umbilical cord, a maternal blood sample aliquot for separate quality control. Parents are provided with a certificate describing test results (cell counts, viability).

Storage Method

Final storage is in blood bags or vials
Storage container is encased in over wrap
Freezer uses liquid nitrogen or vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen

Licensing & Accreditation

Licensed as an IPS by National Ministry of Health (Colombia).
Accredited by ISO 9001, ICONTEC (Colombia).
Endorsed by FECOLSOG (Colombian Federation of Ginecologics and Obtetrics).
Licensed by COLCIENCIAS as investigation group Type B.

Clinical Experience

Stem Medicina Regenerativa has participated in a clinical trial with stem cells from bone marrow for patients with refractory angina of the heart. Stem Medicina Regenerativa has also participated in a study testing the before and after condition of patients with chronic occlusive arterial disease in their lower limbs.

Community Service

Stem Medicina Regenerativa gives free banking is given to families where an immediate relative has a diagnosis for which transplantation is standard therapy.
Discounts for military personnel and medical doctors.


Stem Medicina Regenerativa total cost includes: Collection kit, courier, processing and storage fee.
No enrollment fee is ever required.
Storage plans vary from 1 year up to 18 years, upon agreement with the bank.
Annual storage fee is an option.
Payment plans are available.

Additional Services

Stem Medicina Regenerativa offers newborn genetic testing.
Address: Carrera 15 #106-46 Colombia.
Phone Numbers
Free 01-8000-11-2991 01-8000-11-2991