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Family Bank: Stem-Health Hellas


Stem-Health Hellas provides cord blood banking for babies born at the Hygeia Hospital maternity centers "Mitera" and "Leto".

Labs and Locations

Stem-Health Hellas laboratory is located within the Hygeia Hospital. Hygeia hospital has been accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) organization.

Business Experience

The bank started its activity in 2008, with banking of umbilical cord blood for family use. The bank expanded banking to cord tissue in 2009. Finally, the bank offered the choice of public banking in 2010. Since then we have banked more than 8000 units of cord blood for family and public use, and approximately 4000 cord tissue units. Stem-Health Hellas representatives are available 24/7.

Collection Kit

The Collection Kit is prepared within the CBB facilities in a specialized sanitary area. The person assembling the kit always wears latex gloves and lab coat.

The collection Kit contains among others:
    - Cord Blood collection bag for gravity collection by Baxter, with CPDA 1 anticoagulant.
    - All the appropriate labels and documentation for unit identification and information purposes.
    - Instructions for the obstetrician for collection.
    - Temperature logger
    - Gel packs or thermal insulation
    - Envelope foil

Transportation container

    - Containers are water proof bags designed to be unaffected by sunlight and other environmental factors and validated to maintain room temperature.
    - Container has gel packs or thermal insulation envelope foil.
    - Container has all the appropriate identifications to ensure proper handling during transportation
    - Container meet all IATA standards for transportation of biological material.

Shipping Info

    - All shipping arrangements are made by Stem-Health Hellas personnel.
    - For shipping inside Greece there is no extra cost for the parents.
    - Stem-Health Hellas has two fixed collection sites, MITERA and LETO maternity hospitals located very near the Cord Blood Bank facilities. Stem Health Hellas personnel using waterproof carry-on suitcases, transfer the samples from the fixed collection sites to CBB facilities. Collections from MITERA and LETO maternity centers of the Hygeia hospital are walked to the lab 3 times per day.
     - At non fixed collection sites, World Courier is responsible for sample’s transportation. The courier service specializes in transport of human tissue.

Processing Method

Semi automatic system using Auto Volume expressors.

Components Stored

Parents are provided with a certificate describing test results (TNCC,CD34+) and the unique identification number of the stored unit.

Storage Method

    - Storage container is encased in over wrap and stored inside iodised aluminium canister.
    - All tanks are monitored remotely throughout the whole day using web based temperature recording equipment and are also checked manually on a daily basis.
    - Specifically trained company personnel are within a 5 minutes response time at all times.
    - The cord blood units are stored temporary in vapor phase nitrogen quarantine tanks and transferred permanently in liquid phase nitrogen tanks, after being tested for viral and bacterial contaminations.
    - Cord blood unit aliquots are stored under the same conditions as the final product so to be used for future needed testing.

Licensing & Accreditation

    - Stem-Health Hellas was the first family stem cell bank in Europe and the only bank in Greece to be accredited by FACT for autologous and directed allogeneic transplantation. However Stem-Health Hellas is not FACT accredited since summer 2016.
    - Stem-Health Hellas laboratory is located within the Hygeia Hospital. Hygeia hospital has been recently accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) organization.

Clinical Experience

No cord blood from private clients has been released for use yet.


    - Security is ensured by both a private security company and the Hygeia Hospital security personnel; restricted access guarantees confidentiality.
    - Stem-Health Hellas and CryoBanks (IASO Hospital Group) are the founders of the Association Of Accredited Stem Cell Banks (AASCB). The AASCB guarantees the continuous mutual storage of the units of these two banks, in case of an event that will prevent the further storage of the units in either storage bank.

Community Service

Stem-health Hellas offers completely free of charge the processing and storage of the cord blood units/cord tissue destined for directed allogeneic transplantation.

Stem-Health Hellas commits to the free-of charge preparation and transportation of the stored cord blood units to any transplantation center in the world to treat a life-threatening disease of the child itself or any 1st degree relative.


Stem-Health Hellas always gives parents a receipt and a legally binding contract for the period of storage which is currently 20 years.  Stem-Health Hellas processing fee covers 20 years storage

Fixed-Collection Sites (MITERA & LETO):
At the partner maternity centers Mitera or Leto, cord blood banking with  Stem-Health Hellas costs 400€ (including VAT taxes), for 20 years of storage. Cord tissue banking costs €850 (including VAT taxes), for 20 years of storage.

Non Fixed-Collection Sites:
Outside of the partner maternity centers the cost of cord blood banking is €1000 (including taxes). Cord tissue banking alone costs €850, including 20 years of storage.

Additional Services

Stem-Health Hellas offers five distinct services:

1.Cord blood donation to the public
2. Directed Cord Blood banking
3. Private Cord Blood banking for the family
4. Private banking of Cord tissue
5. HLA typing

Prices with Additional Services

Outside of the partner maternity centers the cost of cord blood banking is €1000. When cord tissue is banked with cord blood the additional cost is €300.

Address: 18, Neapoleos str Marousi, GR15123Greece.
Phone Numbers
211 700 78 00