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Family Bank: Sorgente+


Sorgente  S.r.l. is the exclusive dealer in Italy (since July 2009) of the German cord blood bank Vita 34 AG.  Founded in 1997, Vita 34 was the first family cord blood bank in Europe, has stored 80,000 collections by 2011, and is in compliance with GMP, EFI, PEI, and ISO (9001, 13485).  Vita 34 is the leading family bank in Europe for number of cord blood therapies from private storage.

Labs and Locations

Sorgente uses the laboratory of Vita 34 AG in Leipzig, Germany:
Deutscher Platz 5
04103 Leipzig

Business Experience

Vita 34 was the first family cord blood bank in Europe and as of 2011 has stored 80,000 collections. Sorgente has staff answering telephones 365 days a year.

Collection Kit

Sorgente provides a proprietary collection kit that includes:

    - Supplies provided for gravity collection into a blood bag
    - Sorgente proprietary blood bag
    - Sterillium® for hand disinfection
    - Type of anti-coagulant used: CPD
    - The collection kit is sterile inside & outside for C-Section use

Transportation container

    - Container includes gel packs  for thermal stabilization
    - Container is validated to maintain room temperature under test conditions
    - Container is guaranteed to maintain room temperature for a certain number of hours
    - Container includes a temperature logger
    - Container meets IATA PI 650 criteria and is in accordance with EN ISO 2003 and to 93/42/EEC

Shipping Info

  • - Shipping arrangements are made by Sorgente
  • - Contract price includes shipping
  • - Standard shipping is by DHL Express (Italy) S.r.l
  • - The courier is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • - Employees of Sorgente pick up the blood from selected hospitals.
  • - Shipping is included in the base price within the home country.

Processing Method

Vita 34 provides whole blood storage: no cell separation, no plasma depletion, no loss of cells.

Components Stored

  • - Parents are provided with a certificate describing all test results from cord blood and maternal blood (e.g. virus antibodies, cell counts, bacterial contamination, blood type).
  • - The final storage is a bag of frozen whole blood plus 5 testing samples.

Storage Method

    - Storage in the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen.
    - Final storage is in a cryo bag (proprietary bag developed by Vita 34 for high breakage protection).
    - The 5 testing portions are stored in vials.
    - Storage bag and vials are encased in a metal cassette. 

Licensing & Accreditation

Vita 34 is the most highly accredited family cord blood bank in Germany:

    - Vita 34 is licensed for both public and private cord blood banking in Germany
    - Vita 34 has a European Union GMP certificate
    - Vita 34 has German Drug Law approval by Paul-Ehrlich-Institute
    - Vita 34 is accredited under ISO 9002:20000 and ISO 13485:2003

Clinical Experience

  • Vita 34 is the leading family bank in Europe for number of cord blood therapies from private storage: Vita 34 has released 17 cord blood collections for therapy: 4 were given to a patient other than the baby as an allogeneic transplant, and 13 were autologous use by the baby who banked the blood.
  • Clients who use to Sorgente to bank with Vita 34 may also participate in a clinical trial for Type 1 Diabetes.



  • - In the event of a transplant or other stem cell therapy, the family will receive a monetary amount.
  • - Cord blood samples collected from Sorgente are cryopreserved at Vita34 AG (listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange), who guarantees to take over in case of insolvency of Sorgente
  • - Via Vita34, Sorgente provides all customers with free insurance from Generali AG that covers the container holding the cord blood.   With this insurance, in case of insolvency of the Bank, the preservation of the specimen is guaranteed for 50 years starting from the first year of the contract.  Vita 34 was the first cord blood bank in the world to offer this insurance, and Sorgente is the only Italian company that provides this service.

Community Service

By partnering with Vita 34, Sorgente can offer parents the option to publicly register cord blood units that were originally collected for the family, so that they may be donated if they match a patient in need.


294 € fee for cord blood collection kit (to be paid upon reception)
1.896 €  fee covers:
•    Receipt of the sample (test temperature, test preparation, ..)
•    Blood tests (blood, nucleated cell count, ..)
•    Infectivology and sterility testing
•    Processing and cryopreservation  of cord blood in compliance with GMP standards
•    Preservation of the sample in the bank at -196 ° C for 20 years (no annual fees)
•    Preparing and sending the sample if necessary at a place of care designated by the family
•    Periodic update on the use of stem cells for medical purposes

Prices relative to basic service. Sorgente offers the possibility of payment by installments at zero interest and discounts for twins and triplets.

Additional Services

Sorgente offers newborn genetic screening for:

•    Drug-induced hearing loss
•    Lactose intolerance
•    Hemochromatosis
•    Deficiency of AAT (Alpha-1 antitrypsin)
•    Gluten Intolerance

Sorgente also gives parents the option to perform HLA typing of the cord blood.
Other services offered by Sorgente are:

•    Assicura terapia: guaranteed repayment of the costs when using cord blood, up to a maximum of 5,000 €.
•    Opzione 25 anni: allows theb extension of storage duration up to 25 years.
•    Conservazione autologa - solidale  (Autologous - supportive  cryopreservation) which allow to the family to donate the cord in case of compatibility.

Prices with Additional Services

The base service includes cord blood storage and Generali AG insurance. The combination of services described in the previous question with the cord blood storage service, allows Sorgente to offer its customers a total of 4 service packages, each different in terms of cost. 

Address: Via A. Bono Cairoli, 3020127 oItaly.
Phone Numbers
+39 02 3670 5878