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Family Bank: Progenics



Progenics Cord Blood Cryobank was founded by Dr. Hongyou Yang. Progenics uses a unique processing method based on his 30 years of experience in stem cell banking and cryopreservation. Progenics is the only family cord blood and cord tissue bank that publishes their quality testing on their entire inventory. Progenics is based in the Toronto area and their website is available in English, French, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Tamil, Tagalog, and Farsi.

Labs and Locations

Progenics owns their own laboratory. Progenics uses a proprietary processing method. Progenics is the only family cord blood bank in the world that publishes their quality testing on their entire inventory. See the report for yourself.

Business Experience

Progenics Cord Blood Cryobank was established in 2004 and has processed and stored over 21,000 cord blood samples (Oct. 2019). Progenics privately owns their office, laboratory, and storage facilities. All cord blood and cord tissue are stored in their secure, fireproof facility, which is located in the Greater Toronto Area and is monitored by security and a sophisticated video surveillance system.

Collection Kit

Collection kits are shipped to clients at no extra charge (some conditions may apply).  Pall cord blood collection bags, which have completed an extensive sterilization process by the manufacturer, are used for cord blood collection. The bag is Health Canada, FDA, and CE marked, under the Medical Devices Directive for the collection of cord blood.

Shipping Info

Cord blood is shipped by a medical courier from Apple Express. Shipping is free for hospitals located in the Greater Toronto Area. For other cities, Progenics will pay a portion of the shipping fee to make it more affordable for clients to choose the highest level of courier service (next flight out) to ensure the highest banking quality.

Processing Method

Progenics Cord Blood Cryobank uses a modified double stem cell extraction processing technique, developed and published by the company's founder Dr. Hongyou Yang. This technique allows Progenics to obtain a high rate of recovery for Total Nucleated Cells (TNC). The Progenics processing method ensures that they can guarantee every processed cord blood sample will have a minimum yield of 85% TNC. In fact, according to the company’s most recent quality report, in 2018 the average yield of TNC for all samples processed was 97.79%, which is significantly above the company’s own quality standard. Progenics is the only family cord blood bank in the world that publishes their quality testing on their entire inventory. See the report for yourself.

Storage Method

Progenics fire-resistant storage facility is equipped with backup generators, in the event of a power failure. In addition, the storage facility and the temperature inside the freezers are monitored 24 hours daily by security, video surveillance and environmentally monitoring and alarm systems. In case of emergencies, backup liquid nitrogen freezers are available at our storage facility which can be used immediately to transfer the contents of a dysfunctional freezer. To prevent contamination, bags are over-wrapped and cord blood is stored in the vapour phase of cryogenic nitrogen.

Licensing & Accreditation

Progenics is registered with both Health Canada and the USA, and is accredited by AABB with experience in processing cord blood for successful transplantation. In Aug. 2020 Progenics also achieved FACT accreditation. These accreditations are recognized internationally; therefore, even if the sample is required for treatment purposes outside of Canada, the sample processed at Progenics can be accepted world-wide. Please refer to successful stories of Progenics on the website. In addition, the voluntary accreditation by both AABB and FACT proves we continue to strive to maintain high quality and standards for cord blood banking.

Clinical Experience

Progenics has provided 3 successful cord blood transplants. One cord blood sample was released for an autologous transplant in 2007 to treat a baby with neuroblastoma. Another two cord blood samples were released for sibling transplants of the conditions Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis in 2014 and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2017. All of the children treated with cord blood units banked with Progenics have been healthy since the cord blood transplantation. 


Storage fees are guaranteed for 20 years. Progenics offers a special discount for low volume collections and a quality of processing guarantee: parents will receive free cord blood banking (including 20 years of storage) if the yield of Total Nucleated Cells (TNC) from processing is less than 85%. No other bank makes this offer.

Community Service

  • Progenics has a Directed Donation program if a member of the cord blood donor’s family has been diagnosed with a disease that can be treated with stem cells.
  • In support of SickKids Foundation, Progenics established a fundraiser, "Support the Right for a Child to Fight". They raised over $130,000 for the SickKids Hospital Foundation. During telethon fundraising day in 2018 Progenics had the privilege of being “Donor of the Week“.


  • Progenics total initial cost for cord blood banking is $1100. The initial cost includes registration, a collection kit, processing, testing, and the first year of storage.
  • Progenics storage options are annual, 10 years, and 20 years.
  • Additional siblings banked with Progenics receive discounts of 15% or more.
  • Progenics offers a variety of interest-free installment payment options. Please consult the on-line fee calculator.
  • Progenics has a Client Referral Program that waives one year of storage fee for each new client that banks cord blood. In addition, the new client will also receive one year storage fee waived.
  • Progenics has teamed up with Venngo WorkPerks to offer special savings.
Free North America: 1-866-921-1666
Office: 416-221-1666
Address: 701 Sheppard Avenue East, Ontario, M2K 2Z3, Canada