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Family Bank: Krio FamiCord

FamiCord Krio


KRIO Intézet Családi Őssejtbank is the first family cord blood bank to establish a laboratory in Hungary, and they are accredited by both AABB and ISO. Krio belongs to the international banking network FamiCord Group.

Labs and Locations

Famicord owns a network of laboratories across Europe.

Business Experience

- FamiCord is currently controlled by Enterprise Investors.
- The history of Famicord began in 2002 with cord blood banking at the lab of PBKM.
- FamiCord Group is the largest cord blood bank in Europe.
- FamiCord also offers public donation of cord blood.
- FamiCord owns a network of medical consultants and staff that answer telephones and e-mails.

Licensing & Accreditation

Some FamiCord laboratories are accredited by their national Ministry of Health. These FamiCord laboratories are accredited by AABB for cord blood banking: PBKM in Poland, Krio in Hungary, Sevibe Cells in Spain.

Clinical Experience

- FamiCord family storage released for transplants: 45
- FamiCord also collects cord blood donations for the public, and has released 1 donation for a transplant.
- FamiCord participates in clinical trials (under bioethical committee approvals) using stem cells from cord blood and cord tissue.

Address: Budapest, Kelemen László u. 12, 1026 Hungary