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Family Bank: Krio FamiCord

FamiCord Krio


Krio Intézet Zrt. is the first family cord blood bank to establish a laboratory in Hungary, and they are accredited by both AABB and ISO. Krio belongs to the international banking network FamiCord that operates in more than 20 European countries and owns 11 laboratories.

Labs and Locations

Famicord owns a network of laboratories across Europe.

Business Experience

- FamiCord is currently controlled by Enterprise Investors.
- The history of Famicord began in 2002 with cord blood banking at the lab of PBKM.
- FamiCord Group is the largest cord blood bank in Europe.
- FamiCord also offers public donation of cord blood.
- FamiCord owns a network of medical consultants and staff that answer telephones and e-mails.

Licensing & Accreditation

Some FamiCord laboratories are accredited by their national Ministry of Health. These FamiCord laboratories are accredited by AABB for cord blood banking: PBKM in Poland, Krio in Hungary, Sevibe Cells in Spain.

Clinical Experience

- FamiCord family storage released for transplants: 45
- FamiCord also collects cord blood donations for the public, and has released 1 donation for a transplant.
- FamiCord participates in clinical trials (under bioethical committee approvals) using stem cells from cord blood and cord tissue.

Address: Ivanka Pal utca 21, 1155 Budapest, Hungary