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Family Bank: Hemafund



Family cord blood bank HEMAFUND is an international biotechnological company providing processing and preservation of umbilical cord blood, umbilical cord tissue and other human tissues. In 2010 HEMAFUND united the financial, scientific and staff partnership with Human Stem Cells Institute – a biotech company holding leadership among stem cells biotechnological companies in Eastern Europe.

Labs and Locations

HEMAFUND offers its service throughout all Ukraine. Its own unique biotechnological facility consisting of the laboratories, cryogenic storage, logistic and client offices, is situated in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv (5 Lisozakhystnа str., Kyiv 04114, Ukraine). The Company also has additional access to clinical and processing laboratories in Ukraine, Russia, Germany and Great Britain.

Business Experience

HEMAFUND has been providing the highest quality processing and preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells and other umbilical cord blood components since 2005. By the end of 2013 there are  8 000 preserved in the biobank storage. Up to the present time HEMAFUND is the only Ukrainian bank offering the service of umbilical cord tissue cryopreservation.

Collection Kit

Umbilical cord blood is collected into specifically developed and certified package for blood collection.

Transportation container

Umbilical cord blood collecting thermocontainer in a transport bag can be delivered in any Ukrainian maternity house chosen by the Clients. The container includes sterile system with anticoagulant for umbilical cord blood collection, coolant, sterile gloves, a bottle of ethanol solution, a bottle of iodine solution and all necessary documents. The container is also equipped with a temperature indicator.

Shipping Info

HEMAFUND's own licensed logistics service delivers the shipment of umbilical cord blood collection container to any maternity house chosen by the Clients in Ukraine. In case of necessity HEMAFUND also guaranties the delivery of the sample in valid temperature condition to any medical establishment throughout Ukraine. In case the Client needs the sample to be applied abroad, HEMAFUND does provide thermocontainer with all the elements needed for safe transportation.

Processing Method

HEMAFUND is the only Ukrainian umbilical cord blood bank to develop a procedure performed by trained technicians that is approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and which was modified to meet the requirements of the EU biobanks. The quality of HEMAFUND service has been proved by hundreds of successful cases of umbilical cord blood components application; it has also been highly estimated by leading EU banks that have taken custody of umbilical cord blood samples from HEMAFUND clients.

Components Stored

The separated and then stored component of umbilical cord blood contains white blood cells and stem cells. The family, owning deposit in HEMAFUND, is given a passport for the umbilical cord blood deposit where the amount of stem cells, absolute blood volume, volume of leukocyte fraction and clinical diagnostic results of the sample are stated.

Storage Method

Cryopreservation of samples is conveyed step by step with computerized control: in test-tubes placed in dewars that contain liquid nitrogen. HEMAFUND's cryogenic storage is completely autonomous and does not depend on any municipal power supply. The inventory of nitrogen supply is five times higher than the average at European banks.

Licensing & Accreditation

Family cord blood bank HEMAFUND functions on the grounds of two licenses: the one of the umbilical cord blood bank and logistical license for biological material shipment.

Clinical Experience

HEMAFUND cooperates with a solid range of public and private clinics of both Ukraine and foreign countries; the Company provides its clients with all the information needed for the right choice of the medical institution in case of necessity of umbilical cord blood application.


HEMAFUND is the only bank in Ukraine to insure its responsibility at the front of the client on the regular basis; the company also guarantees the collected samples to be taken by partner-banks of EU custody.

Community Service

HEMAFUND carries out a charity project named Ukraine's National Umbilical Cord Blood Application Programme, which is aimed at helping children with congenital heart and nervous system defects get the necessary treatment with application of their own umbilical cord blood. All the expenses of umbilical cord blood processing, storage and shipping are covered by HEMAFUND. That means within this charity project the parents, whose child would be prenatally diagnosed heart or nervous system defect, can preserve umbilical cord blood of their child absolutely for FREE.

Apart from this, the HEMAFUND provides educational programme for governmental physicians in modern diagnostics. Within this programme, open lectures and master classes with the best specialist in the fields are provided. Also HEMAFUND supplies medical personnel with reference books on ultrasound diagnostics based on the leading clinical research of the country.


HEMAFUND offers two service packets to its clients: Premium and Standard.
The cost of Standard Packet, that includes processing, laboratory investigation and insurance of bank's responsibility towards the clients, amounts 710 $.
The Premium Packet in addition to standard services includes extended examination of samples (additional examination on viral and other infections) and delivery of thermocontainer with umbilical cord blood to any Ukrainian medical institution for treatment or providing the container for shipment abroad. The total cost of Premium Packet amounts to 1 175 $. 
The annual storage of the sample costs 150 $

    Additional Services

    HEMAFUND can offer a whole range of additional services from processing and preservation of umbilical cord tissue, placenta extract preservation to karyotyping of newborn`s umbilical cord blood.
    Other new features are on the way.

    Address: Lisozakhysna St, 5, Ukraine
    Phone Numbers
    Office +380 (44) 496 09 26