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Family Bank: HealthBanks


HealthBanks Cord Blood Bank is a service of HealthBanks Biotech Group, a pharmaceutical company with over 14 years cord blood experience and over 110 thousand cord blood clients in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, and the United States.

Business Experience

The HealthBanks Biotech Group started as a pharmaceutical company. The cord blood banking began in 2001, now serving over 110,000 clients in the US, Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau & Taiwan. Engineers from HealthBanks have assisted other cord blood banks in Asia with the establishment of BioArchive storage systems. Since 2010, the group is also offering human tissue banking in Taiwan. The first vaccine from the Group came to the Asian market in 2012, and their first cancer vaccine for cervical cancer phase I clinical trial finish in the USA in 2014, and the phase II clinical trial will start soon. The HealthBanks Biotech Group also includes an animal vaccine company, Reber Genetics Co., Ltd., a human vaccine company, THEVAX genetics vaccine Co., Ltd. and a pharmaceutical company, Purzer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Collection Kit

In compliance with FACT-NetCord accreditation & NMDP requirements, HealthBanks uses a "closed" bag system to collect, process, and store the cord blood units.

Transportation container

The HealthBanks collection kit is thermal-insulated to provide stable storage conditions. A data logger is used to monitor the temperature throughout the transportation process and ensure the cord blood sample is maintained within the proper temperature range.

Shipping Info

HealthBanks provides free shipping within Taiwan island. Additional shipping fees will be charged for overseas delivery.

Processing Method

HealthBanks expert technicians process each cord blood unit individually to obtain optimum cell separation.

Components Stored

HealthBanks depletes red blood cells for patient safety and stores the component of the blood that holds stem cells.

Storage Method

HealthBanks adopts the BioArchive® state-of-the-art and FDA-cleared automatic stem cells storage system. BioArchive® adopted a closed system and automatic retrieval operation to eliminate the great temperature differences that can occur in traditional storage tanks. Liquid nitrogen (-196℃) as storage medium provides stable temperature and maintains the highest cell viability.

Licensing & Accreditation

HealthBanks Biotech Group is the most established Asian cord blood bank, with headquarters in Taiwan and sibling branches in Hong Kong (HealthBaby), Macau (HealthBaby), Thailand (Thai HealthBaby), and the USA (PacifiCord). Apart from the global network, the Group has over 14 years of cord blood banking experience and has attained the most international accreditations (include FACT, CAP, AABB, HOKLAS, ISO etc.). HealthBanks is an international partner of the NMDP network

  • NetCord-FACT (Foundation of Cellular Therapy) - HealthBanks (Taiwan) was the first NetCord-FACT-accredited cord blood bank in Asia
  • CAP (College of American Pathologists): only 2 cord blood banks accredited by CAP are HealthBanks (Taiwan) and HealthBaby (Hong Kong)
  • AABB (Association of American Blood Banks): HealthBanks (Taiwan), HealthBaby (Hong Kong), and PacifiCord (USA)
  • ISO9001
  • ISO17025
  • NMDP membership (National Marrow Donor Program, USA): HealthBanks (Taiwan)
  • IND under NMDP: HealthBanks (Taiwan)
  • FDA registered: PacifiCord (USA)
  • HOKLAS registered: HealthBaby (Hong Kong)

Clinical Experience

The HealthBanks public cord blood bank (Taiwan) has an inventory of 7000 and has released over 1052 cord blood units matched with patients in 24 countries worldwide. The HealthBanks Group of family banks has released 40 therapies for multiple indications, in multiple countries. HealthBanks is the laureate of National Biotechnology & Medication Quality Award (Taiwan, Republic of China) for its transplant services.


1. When a transplant is needed, HealthBanks guarantees the viability of the stem cells.
2. To provide a more secured long-term service, client contracts will be honored by HealthBanks and all of its affiliated cord blood banks. 

Address: 25 Ren'ai Road
Phone Numbers
886 2 2369 1277