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Family Bank: Geocord



Geocord is located in Tbilisi, Georgia and serves both local clients as well as foreigners who live and work in Georgia.

Labs and Locations

Geocord owns their own laboratory in their home country Georgia.

Business Experience

Geocord is located in Tbilisi, Georgia and has marketed cord blood banking since 2006. Geocord operates their own laboratory since 2006 with everything that is needed for high quality cord blood processing: hematology, flow cytometry, PCR. Geocord processes cord blood units 365 days in year, the maximal time from collection to freezing is 24 hours, and thousands cord blood units are stored in the bank.

Collection Kit

Geocord prefers cord blood collection before delivery of placenta. Collection kit is designed for gravity collection into bags and contains 35 ml CPDA and has capacity for 250 ml blood.  Collection kit is available at all obstetrics clinics of Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi, and also could be provided by request in other cities of Georgia.

Transportation container

Geocord uses a transport container that is validated to maintain room temperature under test conditions and includes a temperature logger.

Shipping Info

Shipping arrangements are made by the bank. The Geocord contract price includes shipping. Within Tbilisi, Geocord has their own courier service; in other cities of Georgia Geocord relies on the courier DHL. Courier service is available on weekends and holidays, 365 days in year.

Processing Method

Geocord performs stem cell separation by the "Rubinstein method" with HES and spin

Components Stored

Geocord stores the "buffy coat" of cord blood that holds nucleated cells including stem cells. The storage solution is mixed with 10% DMSO and 1% Dextran 40. Geocord also stores plasma fromthe cord blood and testing portions.

Storage Method

Geocord cools the cord blood in a Planer controlled rate freezer. Final storage is in 4 cryovials, 5 ml in each. First the stem cells go into temporary storage in a quarantine freezer untilinfectious disease testing is completed, then they are moved to a long term freezer that is colled by the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen to stay below -160°C.

Licensing & Accreditation

Geocord is operated according to Georgian Low on Transplantation and Instructions from the Ministry of Health of Georgia. Geocord is accredited by ISO.

Clinical Experience

Geocord has released two family cord blood units for therapy, both to children with autism who were treated in Georgia.


Geocord total initial cost: enrollment + courier + processing + testing +1st storage fee = 780 Euro
Annual storage fee = 100 Euro
Discounts are available for pre-paid annual storage, twins, and repeat clients
Payment plans are also available.

Address: 4 Mikheil Tamarashvili St, Tbilisi, Georgia