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Family Bank: Cryotech


Cryotech A.E. is the only cord blood laboratory in central Greece and operates 365 days of the year.  Cryotech is the only Greek cord blood bank that transports their blood in a fleet of privately owned vehicles equipped with freezers.  Cryotech is the only Greek bank that will send staff to the maternity hospital at the time of every birth, at ANY TIME of the day, week, or year.  Cryotech transport time to the lab is typically under 3 hours. 

Labs and Locations

Cryotech A.E. owns and operates their own laboratory at their headquarters in Larissa, Greece. The laboratory operates 365 days of the year.  Laboratory staff are available for answering client's questions round the clock.  The Cryotech laboratory is encased in high security, with cleanliness insured by air flow, HEPA filters, and UV lamps.  Parents may visit the lab and see their child's cord blood.

Business Experience

Cryotech A.E. has marketed cord blood banking since 2006.  As of Dec. 2011, they have stored more than 2000 cord blood collections.  Cryotech was founded by Georgios Karavanas, a Biologist with a Master's in Molecular Biology and Immunology and a PhD in Viral Genetics.  The staff of Cryotech include 1 Medical Doctor, 2 PhD's in Genetics and Molecular Biology, 2 MSc in Biomedical Sciences and 2 BSc in Biology.

Collection Kit

Cryotech provides blood bags for cord blood collection by gravity drip, the method desired by maternity doctors. The blood bags are sterile both inside and out, so that they can be used in the operating room. Suppliers include "Macopharma" and "Freezenius", representing the top European Manufacturers.  The blood anti-coagulant is CPD.

Transportation container

All samples are transported by Cryotech personnel, inside certified biosafety zip-lock biobags. Samples travel in company vehicles equipped with portable freezers. Transport temperature is monitored and recorded in real-time, typically ranging between 15 - 18 degrees Celsius.

Shipping Info

Cryotech offers parents the highest possible commitment to quality service in the transport of their child's cord blood: Transport of all collections is performed by Cryotech personnel, in company owned vehicles. Transport begins IMMEDIATELY after birth and typically takes less than 3 hours. Parents need only make a phone call to the company, prior to delivery time, and all the rest is taken care of by Cryotech. Cord Blood collections are transported AT ANY TIME: any day of the year, any time of the day. Transport costs are included in the price.  This level of service is only possible with dedicated cord blood bank staff, because there is no courier service in Greece that will transport blood on Sundays or Holidays.

Processing Method

Cryotech is the only cord blood bank in Greece which stores whole blood.  Cryotech believes this method has the following advantages:

  • Preserves the highest percentage of stem cells contained in every sample
  • Guarantees the highest percentage of stem cell viability
  • Preserves all types of stem cells contained in the cord blood (Haematopoietic and Mesenchymal), including the recently discovered VSELs (Very Small Embryonic Like stem cells).
  • Preserves the ingredients of cord blood beneficial for cell recovery and growth, such as embryonic growth factors and hormones
  • Preserves the Serum of cord blood, which has recently demonstrated therapeutic potential (it may be used for the treatment of dry-eye syndromes)
  • In the event that isolated stem cells might be needed (for example a transplant to a sibling belonging to a different blood group), stem cells can be isolated from the whole blood, after thawing.


Individual client record includes: testing results, transport temperature record, freezing cycle curve record, list of materials used (manufacturer, type and lot number), as well as cryo-preservation record from the date of birth to the date of release.

Components Stored

Whole blood + a small volume sample for future testing.

Storage Method

Cryotech stores blood in multiple cryo-vials, for maximum safety and the ability to thaw only a portion of the sample. The vial temperature is lowered in a controlled-rate freezer, then the frozen vials are kept in the vapour phase of cryogenic nitrogen in canisters. The canisters are monitored for temperature and liquid level in real-time, with data electronically stored and made available to parents.

Licensing & Accreditation

Cryotech laboratory endeavors to follow the FACT/Netcord standards, while awaiting the implementation of the recently passed Greek legislation related to Cord Blood and Tissue banking. Cryotech operates a professionally-defined "Quality Management" system.

Clinical Experience

In November 2015, two cord blood units were released for therapy. Twin siblings whose parents had stored their cord blood with Cryotech had been diagnosed with a condition on the autism spectrum. The family wished to give the children their own stem cells as therapy, a procedure currently in clinical trials in the United States. The twins received therapy at a private hospital in Athens. The preserved whole blood was thawed, diluted in physiological serum, and delivered by intravenous infusion to each child. According to the parents, this therapy has had surprisingly beneficial effects for their children's development.


Cryotech is a founding member of the Association of Hellenic Cord Blood Banks, EETOA.  Member banks are legally bound to insure that all frozen inventory is preserved, at no additional cost to parents, in the event that any network bank ceases operation.  Each network member makes an annual deposit to a common bank account, an amount in Euros that is relative to the amount of inventory the bank has in storage

Community Service

Cryotech is strictly a private cord blood bank.


Prices vary from 1500 to 1200 Euros.
Price includes all services for a 20 year long storage.
Transport fees and taxes are included in the price.
No additional annual storage fees.
Discounts for upfront payments, multiple births and returning clients.
Discounts to special social groups.

Additional Services

All services are included in one package.
Whole Blood contains all the stem cell types used in the clinic today.

Prices with Additional Services

The standard price includes all services.

Address: Ipirou 76,Greece.
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