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Family Bank: CRYOLIFE


CRYOLIFE, established in 1996, was the first family cord blood bank in Asia, and the first bank in the world to offer a CRYOmatch program. As an experienced cord blood bank with a longer history comparing to Japan, Singapore, Mainland China, Taiwan and Malaysia, CRYOLIFE leads the local and Asian cord blood storage industry. We commit to provide a reliable stem cell storage service and take quality control seriously including collection of sample, running of tests and inventory management.

Labs and Locations

CRYOLIFE is the first cord blood bank established in Hong Kong, which provides the most advanced infrastructure. Being the largest Hong Kong cord blood bank (occupying 20,000 sq. ft. area), CRYOLIFE's laboratory is equipped with advanced biotechnology backup facilities, 24-hour security system and high class clean rooms.

Office and laboratory:
506-518, 5/F, Delta House, 3 On Yiu Street, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin

Business Experience

CRYOLIFE is a founding member of the Asia Pacific Cord Blood Bank Consortium. CRYOLIFE was established and dedicated to cord blood industry since 1996. The Group adopts the most advanced storage and processing equipment, to ensure the life-long storage of customers' stem cells. CRYOLIFE offers both cord blood and cord tissue stem cell banking services.  The group has the largest stem cell inventory in Hong Kong, with 22 storage tanks.

Collection Kit

CRYOLIFE provides personalized collection kits for clients upon enrollment. The main components of the kit are:
•    Sterile, single use cord blood collection bag (inclusive of JMS blood bags with anticoagulant CPDA-1, syringe and vacutainers etc).
•    Providone Iodine swabsticks for antiseptic preparation of the umbilical cord's surface prior to collecting the cord blood, to reduce chance of contamination.
•    Balanced salt solution based transport medium for cord tissue collection.

Transportation container

CRYOLIFE's container is thermal-insulated to provide stable storage conditions. A data logger is used to monitor the temperature throughout the transportation process to ensure the cord blood sample maintains a constant temperature.  We have a dedicated transportation team to look after the end to end transportation process and guarantee the pick-up time within 12 hours in HK and within 24 hours in Macau.

Shipping Info

CRYOLIFE provides in-house free-of-charge cord blood and cord samples collection service from designated hospitals (Hong Kong and Macau region) upon notification.

Processing Method

CRYOLIFE adopts specialized, FDA-cleared stem cells processing system –  AXP™ AutoXpress™ Platform. AXP™ consistently retrieves 98.7% MonoNuclear Cells (MNC) and 96.2% Total Nucleated cell (TNC), audited by US Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society, which is about 18% higher than other systems. Samples are sterilized and processed individually to avoid mix-up.

Components Stored

Final product stored is the nucleated cells in "buffy coat" fraction (mainly white blood cells and stem cells) with most red cells and plasma removed.  CRYOLIFE is the only bank providing a photo of the stored sample to client for record.

Storage Method

CRYOLIFE uses FDA-approved dual-compartment CRYObags (80% and 20% sections) and two integrally attached segments used for future unit testing. In addition, each CRYObag is sealed inside an overwrap layer as an extra protection against possible cross contamination. The cord blood units are stored in an MVE vapor phase storage system i.e. units are suspended above a pool of liquid nitrogen that creates a vapor-phase environment, with temperature as cold as the cryogenic liquid.

Licensing & Accreditation

Apart from basic AABB and ISO accreditation, CRYOLIFE has achieved Q-mark certification from Federation of Hong Kong Industries.  CRYOLIFE also participates in a number of quality assurance programs, like CAP, ISBER etc.  These prove the techniques, quality and storage service met up with the stringent standard of authoritative organizations.

Clinical Experience

CRYOLIFE released a sample in 2009 for treatment of a cerebral palsy patient at Duke University. Her sample was kept in perfect condition and sent to America for cord blood transplant.


CRYOLIFE Quality Guarantee – if the cord blood unit has no viability at the point of transplantation, CRYOLIFE will compensate a matching sample or US$25,000 at maximum.  In addition, CRYOLIFE is the first and only company that offer CRYOSure protection and guarantee HK$250,000 medical insurance coverage for client to have stem cell treatment worldwide.

Community Service

CRYOLIFE was the first bank in the world to offer the CRYOmatch programme: Clients who participate receive free HLA (human leukocyte antigen) typing service. Their cord blood unit is listed on an international public registry in case it is a match to a patient in need. However, the parents have right of refusal and may keep the cord blood even if it is a match.  If the parents do release the cord blood, they will be reimbursed for their costs.

Through the CRYOmatch initiative, we are expanding the Asian community's access to cord blood for transplant therapy. To promote the importance of CRYOmatch, we absorb the expense required by the HLA typing test conducted in US laboratory.


Please call CRYOLIFE hotline at 852 2110 2121 to know more about our service plans. Interest-free installment payment is available upon request.

Additional Services

HLA Typing Service is available as optional service
CRYOSure Protection at an annual premium

Address: Delta House3 On Yiu St,
Phone Numbers
(Hong Kong 24hrs): +852 2110-2121 (China 24hrs): +86 136-3217-2032