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Family Bank: CordVida


CordVida is the premier national stem cell bank in Brazil, with the most transplants among private cord blood banks in this country, and a high average cell count of stored units. CordVida is also the exclusive technology partner in Brazil of Auxocell Laboratories Inc., the top resource for cord tissue mesenchymal stem cell processing.

Labs and Locations

CordVida laboratory is within their headquarters:
Rua Alvarenga 2226, Butantã, São Paulo, 05509-006, Brazil

Business Experience

Founded in 2004 by the Klien Group, a organization with more than 90 years of experience in storage and logistics, CordVida had 10.500 stored cord blood units by the end of 2012. In addition to cord blood banking, in May 2012 CordVida launched the service of collecting cord tissue. The cord tissue is processed to derive mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) using a minimally manipulated technology that is licensed exclusively to CordVida by Auxocell Laboratories Inc.

Collection Kit

Supplies provided for gravity collection into a Grifolds blood bag holding CPD anti-coagulant. The disinfectant wipes hold chlorexidine. The cord blood collection kit as well as the specimen jar for cord tissue are sterile both inside and outside, so that they may be used in the operating room for a C-section delivery.

Transportation container

The transportation container has ice packs and thermal insulation. It is validated to maintain temperature within 4 to 24 degrees C for up to 48 hours under test conditions. The container includes a continuous temperature logger to confirm the temperature stability.

Shipping Info

The contract price includes shipping within Brazil, and the arrangements are made by CordVida.
- Employees of the bank pick up the blood from selected hospitals in the following cities in Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, Santos, other cities in the interior of São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Porto Alegre, São Luiz and a few more.
- In other locations within Brazil, CordVida sends specialized couriers specifically authorized to ship biologic material to pick up the blood bag from the hospital.
- Courier services used include Ocasa, Fantin and LCT.
- The couriers are available on weekends and holidays.
- Should the stored cord blood be needed for therapeutic use, the cost of shipping is included in the base price not only within Brazil but anywhere else in the world as well.

Processing Method

Technicians process the blood manually to separate the stem cells by sedimentation and spin.

Components Stored

The blood component that is stored after processing is the "buffy coat" that holds white cells and stem cells.  Also stored are a sample of maternal blood and some small testing portions of the cord blood. The parents are provided with a certificate describing the cord blood test results (cell counts, viability).

Storage Method

The final storage is in a 25ml dual compartment bag with 20ml and 5ml segments. The cryogenic bag is also encased in overwrap for additional protection. Then it is placed in long-term storage in a cryogenic freezer.  CordVida offers parents two freezer options: The standard freezer is the MVE Chart High Efficiency system, which is a dewar filled with the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen.  For an extra fee, parents can select the BioArchive freezer that is filled with liquid nitrogen and has an automated system of moving the contents without opening the freezer.

Licensing & Accreditation

Licensed by National Ministry of Health via ANVISA (Brazilian FDA)
Licensed to operate in Brazil
International accreditation by AABB

Clinical Experience

CordVida has released 4 cord blood units to the family for therapy, and one of those was for Cerebral Palsy.


In case of breach of contract by the bank, CordVida will pay the family a monetary amount equivalent to five annual storage fees, plus a full refund of payments made.

Community Service

CordVida provides free banking to families where an immediate relative has a diagnosis for which transplantation is standard therapy.
CordVida provides discounts to medical doctors.


The current (Jan. 2013) CordVida standard prices:
Collection Fee:   R$2.500,00 (USD 1,227.05)
Annual Storage: R$   550,00 (USD     269.95)

- Collection fee includes courier + processing
- Collection and annual storage fees paid in advance
- Discounts for payments in cash
- Discounts for multi-year pre-paid storage plans

Additional Services

CordVida has the exclusive license in Brazil to store MSC stem cells from cord tissue with the Auxocell technology.

Prices with Additional Services

The current (Jan. 2013) CordVida price for standard storage of cord blood plus storage of cord tissue:
Collection Fee:   R$4.900,00 (USD 2,405.03)
Annual Storage: R$1.100,00 (USD     539.90)

- Collection fee includes courier + processing
- Collection and annual storage fees paid in advance
- Discounts for payments in cash
- Discounts for multi-year pre-paid storage plans

Address: R. Alvarenga, 2226 - Butantã, São Paulo - SP, 05509-006, Brazil
Phone Numbers
+55 (11) 3094-2673