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Family Bank: Cordlife India



Established in May 2001, Cordlife Group Limited (“Cordlife”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is a leading company in private cord blood and cord lining banking services in Asia, dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of mother and child.

Cordlife owns the largest network of cord blood banks in Asia with full stem cell banking facilities in six key markets namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and the Philippines. Beyond cord blood and cord lining banking, Cordlife offers a comprehensive suite of diagnostics services for the family including urine-based newborn metabolic screening, non-invasive prenatal testing, paediatric vision screening and family genetic screening services.

In January 2018, Cordlife became the market leader in Hong Kong with the acquisition of the largest private cord blood bank in the country, Healthbaby Biotech (Hong Kong) Co., Limited. Through its majority-owned subsidiary in Malaysia, Stemlife Berhad, Cordlife holds indirect stake in Thailand’s largest private cord blood bank, Thai Stemlife. Through its marketing agents, Cordlife also expanded its presence to Myanmar and Vietnam in 2017 as well as Bangladesh in 2019.

Cordlife Sciences India Private Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Cordlife Group Limited. The Indian Laboratory is AABB accredited and operates the most advanced umbilical cord and cord blood processing, testing and cryopreservation facility in the country, with a storage capacity of more than 150,000 cord blood units.

Labs and Locations

  • Office: 219/2, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata 700017
  • Laboratory: P.L. Deuty Road, off Diamond Harbour Road Bishnupur, 24 Parganas (S) West Bengal 743503, India

Business Experience

Cordlife Group Inhabits a distinctive niche in the healthcare industry - the Group is one of the foremost private cord blood banks to have gained a solid foothold in Asia. In the last 19 years, Cordlife has dedicated its undertakings to achieve market leadership in the industry. Having built a distinguished brand name, the Group continues to strive for excellence by means of support from its experienced management team and dynamic key executives, along with its quality product and service offerings. Cordlife believes the Group has in place a strong foundation for future expansion. The Group now comprises of:

  • Cordlife Group Limited – Singapore, Myanmar & Vietnam 
  • Cordlife (Hong Kong) Limited - Hong Kong & Macau
  • Health Baby Biotech (Hong Kong) Co., Limited – Hong Kong & Macau
  • Cordlife Sciences India Pvt Limited - India & Bangladesh
  • PT Cordlife Persada - Indonesia
  • Cordlife Medical Philippines, Inc. – the Philippines
  • Stemlife Berhad – Malaysia & Brunei

Cordlife India claims to operate the most advanced cord blood laboratory in India. Their state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest and most modern equipment including Swiss-made AXP®II, an FDA approved, c-GMP and c-GTP compliant, functionally closed, automated stem cell processing technology, placed within a clean-room infrastructure to ensure that stem cells are processed under the most sterile conditions. Cordlife India has a storage capacity for 150,000 units scalable by another few hundred thousand. Cordlife India is located within a natural calamity proof building, the facility is also built with continuous power backup and round-the-clock surveillance system.

Quality and customer focus are amongst some of the cornerstones of Cordlife. All of the Group’s facilities are accredited by AABB, the organisation behind the world’s gold standard for cord blood banking. In addition, Cordlife Singapore and Healthbaby are also two of the four cord blood banks in Asia, and ten in the world, to be accredited by both AABB and FACT, another world-class accreditation body for cord blood banks globally. In the area of clinical diagnostics, Cordlife India, Cordlife Hong Kong and Healthbaby are accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). These quality achievements underpin the Group’s commitment to providing reliable healthcare solutions through innovation and technological advancement.

Collection Kit

The UN3373 certified collection kit contains a 250ml closed system blood bag that is pre-loaded with anti-coagulant (CPDA-1) to allow the caregiver to collect as much blood available. The kit also consists of one tube for umbilical cord collection and three foam bricks (1 large and 2 small) for temperature maintenance during transit. Compared to gel packs, these foam bricks are found to maintain temperature better.

Transportation container

Cordlife India's collection kit box is carefully designed to ensure that the temperature within the kit box is maintained within an acceptable range and to minimize any adverse temperature fluctuation during harsh weather conditions.

Made of thermocol, the kit box is further coated with hard plastic and has vacuum insulation between both materials as an added feature to help regulate temperature fluctuation. To ensure optimal temperature control, Cordlife uses three foam bricks, which can be cooled a lot faster and retain cold temperature for much longer than conventional gel packs. The purpose of using 3 foam bricks has a scientific basis and has been validated where in, the large foam brick placed at the bottom maintains a temperature between 8-37oC which is important for the cord blood. At the same time, 2 additional foam bricks are place in close proximity of the Maternal Blood Samples on top, to maintain temperature between 2-8oC as per AABB guidelines. Cordlife India's collection kit box has been validated at a temperature of 48° C at 100% humidity for 72 hours.

Shipping Info

Cordlife India has partnered with the best transportation companies in the industry including Sequel Logistics, Jet Airways and Blue Dart, to help ensure safe and timely delivery of the collected cord blood and umbilical cord samples to its laboratory. Their UN3373 certified kit box is also X-ray free certified to prevent the samples from passing through X-ray checks during transportation.

Processing Method

Cordlife India is the first cord blood bank in India to process cord blood with the AXP®II System, which is a safe, sterile and automated cord blood processing technology – that ensures higher recovery of viable CD34+ stem cells (97.3%)[6] as well as of MNCs (94.5%)[6] which are more reliable parameters for potency[2][3], thus allowing better chance of a successful transplant. Cordlife also offers CellOptima™ technology for cord lining processing in India.

Components Stored

Parents are provided with a Cryopreservation Certificate describing the test results obtained which include Total Viable Nucleated Cell Count (TVNCC), total CD34+ cell count as well as presence or absence of bacteria and fungi. The Maternal Blood Sample is screened for HIV, HBV, HCV, HTLV, CMV, Syphilis, Malaria and additional tests as required by Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), AABB and other national regulatory bodies. Cordlife employs Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) is conducted to confirm HIV 1/2, HBV and HCV in accordance with requirements of AABB.

Storage Method

Cord Blood:
Final cord blood storage is in 25ml multi-compartment cryobag with integral segments to allow for future testings. The cryobag is encased in a Teflon® coating pouch. Cordlife India stores the cord blood units in vapour phase of cryogenic nitrogen as a precaution to cross-contamination. All cord blood units are temporarily stored in quarantine tanks and will be moved to permanent tanks once the units have passed through necessary testing and been declared fit for storage.

Cord Lining:
Cordlife India employs CellOptima™, a patented technology in over 40 countries including India, that can isolate epithelial stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord lining. For parents who have opted for cord lining storage in its original form, the tissue will be stored in multiple cryovials. For other parents who have opted for Epicord services (50 million or 500 million cell count), epithelial stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells will be expanded accordingly and stored in transplant ready condition.

Licensing & Accreditation

  • Licensed by Drug Controller General of India (DCGI)
  • Accredited by AABB, one of the gold standards for cord blood banking
  • Accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP)
  • Certified by WHO-GMP
  • Registered with USFDA

Clinical Experience

To date, Cordlife India and the Group have successfully performed 62 cord blood releases to support stem cell transplantation and therapeutic infusions.


Cordlife India provides a legally valid agreement to their clients, which is notarized by local court*. The Company also provides guarantees for the following items:

  • Insurance back up from AIA worth 50,000 SGD for cord blood transplant inclusive of all expenses*.
  • Complete Transportation Liability worth 20 lakhs INR, in case sample is damaged during transit to transplant centre, such that the responsibility is owned till the sample is safely delivered to the destination.
  • Quality Warranty of 20 lakhs INR if the sample loses its viability or potency and is declared unfit for use by transplant physician
  • Medical Assistance worth 20 lakhs INR to cover cost of treatment usingCord tissue stem cells.
  • Access to allogeneic samples from public banks worldwide as and when needed
  • Services are applicable for both approved treatments and approved clinical trials
  • Baby and immediate family members can avail the services
  • Special provision is made to include grandparents as well

*Please refer to the service agreement for complete terms and conditions for the services.

Community Service

Cordlife provides complimentary medical concierge service for clients. As a part of this service, Cordlife will give information regarding the doctor, hospital and travel options to the client who would require a stem cell transplant or therapy.


Cordlife has flexible plans which are priced affordably so that many families can benefit from stem cell storage. For more information, BOOK A FREE presentation from Cordlife.

Cordplus-CB Plan                : Rs. 45,750 One-time and via EMI from as low as Rs. 1,600 per month (24 month plan)

Cordplus-CB+CT Plan        : Rs. 56,000 One-time and via EMI from as low as Rs. 2,200 per month (24 month plan)

CB + ExplantTM Plan            : Rs. 1,05,000 One-time and via EMI from as low as Rs. 4,300 per month (12 month plan)

CB + EpicordTM 50M            : Rs. 2,16,000 One-time and via EMI from as low as Rs. 17,850 per month (12 month plan)

CB + EpicordTM 500M          : Rs. 4,36,000 One-time and via EMI from as low as Rs. 36,500 per month (12 month plan)

Optional Services along with Cord Blood Banking

  • CFU Assay at the time of Storage
  • HLA Typing at the time of Storage
  • Additional Storage Programme for 54yrs

Additional Services

Cordlife also offers several additional services including:
•    Data Logger Services
•    Newborn metabolic screening for 110 disorders (Metascreen)
•    Metabolic fingerprinting for women (Metascreen Eve)

Prices with Additional Services

Cordlife also offers several additional services including:

  • Data Logger Services
  • Newborn metabolic screening (Metascreen)
  • Prenatal screening & NIPT
Address: P L Deuty Rd Bara Gagan Gohalia West Bengal 743503 India