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Family Bank: Cordlife Hong Kong


Incorporated in May 2001, Cordlife Group Limited ("Cordlife", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), is a consumer health company and one of the leading providers of cord blood and cord lining banking services in Asia.

The Group owns the largest network of cord blood banks in Asia with full stem cell processing and storage facilities in six key markets namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Beyond cord blood and cord lining banking, Cordlife offers a comprehensive suite of diagnostics services, particularly for the mother and child segment, including urine-based newborn metabolic screening, non-invasive prenatal testing, paediatric vision screening and other genetic screening services.

Cordlife (Hong Kong) Limited is located in Hong Kong Science Park and provides a full suite of cord blood and umbilical cord tissue banking services, which are accredited by AABB and ISO. Cordlife offers CellOptima™, a patented technology from Singapore. CellOptima™ enables the isolation of two types of stem cells from umbilical cord lining namely, Epithelial stem cells (EpSCs) and Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). This technology is exclusively available at Cordlife in Hong Kong.

Labs and Locations

Cordlife (Hong Kong) Limited has a laboratory in Hong Kong located in Biotech Centres, the only cluster of buildings specially designed for laboratory setting within Hong Kong Science Park. 

Cordlife (Hong Long) Main office and Laboratory: G11-12 & 15, G/F., Biotech Centre 2, No.11 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

Cordlife’s Macau Office: Block 21-F, No.43-53A, Avenida do Infante D. Henrique, Macau

Business Experience

In 2005, Cordlife established its first overseas cord blood processing and storage facility in Hong Kong. The ISO certified facility, with a storage capacity for 50,000 cord blood and umbilical cord units, is Hong Kong’s largest and most advanced stem cell facility. In 2011, Cordlife introduced the patented technology, CellOptima™, which is exclusively available at Cordlife in Hong Kong, to isolate two types of stem cells from umbilical cord – Epithelial stem cells and Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC).

Inhabiting a distinctive niche in the healthcare industry, the Group is one of the foremost private cord blood banks to have gained a solid foothold in Asia. In the last 17 years, Cordlife has dedicated its undertakings to achieve market leadership in the industry. Having built a distinguished brand name, the Group continues to strive for excellence by means of support from its experienced management team, dynamic key executives along with its quality product and service offerings. Cordlife believes the Group has in place a strong foundation for future expansion.

Quality and customer focus are amongst some of the cornerstones of Cordlife. The Group's stem cell processing and storage facilities in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines and Malaysia are accredited by AABB, the organisation behind the world's gold standard for cord blood banking.  In addition, Cordlife Singapore is accredited by FACT, another world-class accreditation body for cord blood banks globally. This makes Cordlife Singapore one of just six cord blood banks in the world to be accredited by both AABB and FACT simultaneously. In the area of clinical diagnostics, Cordlife India, HealthBaby and Hong Kong Screening Centre are accredited by the College of American Pathologists (“CAP”). These quality achievements underpin the Group’s commitment to providing the highest service quality for clients.

Collection Kit

Cordlife provides personalized collection kits for clients upon enrolment. The main components of the kit are: Sterile, single use cord blood collection bag (JMS Cord Blood Bag with anticoagulant CPDA-1), providone Iodine swabsticks for antiseptic preparation of the umbilical cord's surface prior to collecting the cord blood, to reduce chance of contamination.

Transportation container

Cordlife's container is specially designed to provide thermal insulation and validated to maintain optimal temperature for cord blood during transportation from hospital to Cordlife HK processing laboratory. 

Shipping Info

Cordlife provides dedicated staff to pick up the cord blood or cord tissue samples from Hong Kong / Macau hospitals upon notification.

Processing Method

Cordlife is the only private cord blood bank in Hong Kong that utilizes the  Sepax®2 fully automated processing system from Biosafe for cord blood processing. Sepax®2  technology relies on a light beam to sense the density gradient between different cell layers (or fractions) after the blood has been gently spun in a centrifuge. Sepax®2  processing kit is sterile, functionally closed and individually packed for single use only. According to Cordlife validation studies, Sepax®2  is able to recover as high as 99.88% of nucleated cells from cord blood.

Components Stored

Final product stored is the nucleated cells in “buffy coat” fraction (mainly white blood cells and stem cells). 

Storage Method

Cordlife uses FDA-approved dual-compartment cryobags (80% and 20% sections) and two integrally attached segments used for future unit testing. In addition, each cryobag is sealed inside an overwrap layer as an extra protection against possible cross contamination. The cord blood units are stored in an MVE vapor phase storage system i.e. units are suspended above a pool of liquid nitrogen that creates a vapor-phase environment, with temperature as cold as the cryogenic liquid.

Licensing & Accreditation

Cordlife's in-depth knowledge of cord blood banking practices and standards has attained accreditation under the international quality standards of American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Cordlife Hong Kong is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) for their screening laboratory which can detect more than 100 metabolic disorders from urine specimens of newborns. This service is offered in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Clinical Experience

The Group has successfully released 47 cord blood units to support stem cell transplantation and therapeutic infusions.

In January 2011, Cordlife became the only private cord blood bank in Hong Kong to have released a cord blood unit for autologous therapy (where the baby recives its own stem cells) to treat neuroblastoma. That cord blood transplant took place in Queen Mary Hospital, and was performed using a cord blood unit that had been cryopreserved in the Cordlife Hong Kong facility for 29 months.


Cordlife Quality Guarantee – if the cord blood unit has no viability at the point of transplantation, Cordlife will compensate a matching sample or US$25,000 at maximum. Cordlife takes care of your medical needs. If your baby needs to have cord blood transplant, our group will provide SG$50,000 cash protection which can help the medical expenses, providing extra support. This is a unique promise by Cordlife.


Please visit the Cordlife Hong Kong Price & Enrollment page for the latest prices and discounts.  Selected credit cards are eligible for 12-month interest-free installment payments.

Additional Services

Cordlife is the only stem cell bank in Hong Kong that can isolate two types of stem cells from the baby’s umbilical cord – Epithelial stem cells (EpSCs) and Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Cordlife screening centre can detect more than 100 metabolic disorders from the urine specimens of newborns.

Prices with Additional Services

Parents who are banking cord blood can choose CordPlus (EpSCs + MSCs) or CordBasic plan (MSCs). Please visit the Cordlife Hong Kong pricing page for the latest prices and discounts. Selected credit cards are eligible for 12-month interest-free instalment payments.

Address: Science Park Biotech Centre 2, 11 Science Park W Ave, Hong Kong.