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Family Bank: Cells for Life

Cells for Life


Cells for Life is one of the oldest and largest accredited Canadian cord blood banks and has stored over 48,000 cord blood units since 1997.  Cells for Life was acquired by Insception Lifebank at the end of 2017.

Labs and Locations

The processing laboratory of Cells for Life is located in Mississauga Ontario.  Cells for Life also has offices in Markham and Montreal.

Business Experience

Cells for Life understands that parents want to ensure that their baby’s cord blood stem cells are not only safely processed and stored but that the highest quality measures are in place.  Parents want to give their family the best chance of medical success should they be used in the years to come.  Parents are invited to gain further insight into Cells for Life. 

Here are some ways to measure our commitment to quality:

  • Cells for Life has been the expert in cord blood banking since 1997.
  • Cells for Life was one of the first cord blood banks in Canada to obtain AABB (2004) and FACT (2012) accreditation, and Cells for Life is also Health Canada Inspected & Compliant (CTO #100044).
  • Cells for Life always stays up-to-date on new, cutting edge research so it’s continually aware of the latest applications and uses of cord blood stem cells.

Collection Kit

Cells for Life uses the MacoPharma Collection bag, which features a unique CPD flush pad. Its unique collection bag is also approved for both caesarean and vaginal births.

Shipping Info

Cells for Life arranges the shipping for all clients coast to coast, using medical couriers to ensure the safe delivery of the cord blood unit to our facility. Cells for Life’s bedside pick-up and in-bound shipping rates are cost effective.

Processing Method

Cord blood processing at Cells for Life is done by manual cell separation based on the “Rubinstein method”.

Components Stored

  • The blood component stored is the buffy coat holding white cells and stem cells, plus 4 integrally attached segments.
  • Parents are provided with a letter confirming the volume of the collection. 
  • A full test results profile is available to clients upon request: Total Nucleated Cell count, and Viability.

Storage Method

  • Final Storage is in Cryobags.
  • The bags stay in an electronic quarantine freezer pending results of testing for infectious diseases.
  • The quarantine bags are kept in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen, so that over wrap in not necessary.
  • Collections that pass the infectious disease testing go into final storage freezers directly in liquid nitrogen.

Licensing & Accreditation

Cells for Life is:

  • Health Canada inspected and compliant (CTO# 100044)
  • AABB accredited since 2004
  • FACT accredited since 2012
  • FDA Registered

Cells for Life has an elite level of accreditation.  A 2015 industry report published by Parents’ Guide to Cord Blood Foundation, shows that only 5 cord blood banks in the world have both AABB & FACT accreditation. Cells for Life is one of these five.

Clinical Experience

  • Since 1997, Cells for Life has stored over 48,000 cord blood units. 
  • Ten samples have been released for therapy.
    • Seven units were released for use at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada. Six of these samples were used for sibling transplants (allogeneic) in the treatment of Hematological Diseases, and one child used their own sample for therapy (autologous) in the treatment of a brain tumour.
    • Two children used their own cord blood unit for therapy (autologous) at Duke University Hospital in the United States for treatment of hypoxic brain injury. The first child had suffered from a stroke before birth. This child’s ability to move has greatly improved.  The second child is undergoing treatment now. 
    • The most recent sample was released to treat an adult in Quebec who used his sibling’s cord blood to treat leukemia.  

Most important is the fact that there is a 100% engraftment record in these transplants.  This validates that are services meet the highest quality standards and successfully save lives.  

Community Service

Cells for Life was the first Canadian cord blood bank to establish a medical need program in 2002. This program was recently named ‘Canadian Sibling Transplant Program’. Cells for Life covers the costs for expectant parents with a family member who is currently suffering from a disease that can be treated with cord blood stem cells.

Cells for Life also supports public banking by donating significant financial support and effort to Victoria Angel Registry of Hope.  This FACT-accredited public cord blood bank accepts donated cord blood from expectant parents and makes it available internationally for medical treatment and scientific research. 

Cells for Life is committed to educating parents with scientifically-based information.  We believe that a Canadian foundation of high-quality family and public banks is needed to support the needs of our diverse population.  We want to keep valuable cord blood from going to waste. More stored cord blood means that more families have an increased chance of finding a matched unit.


PACKAGE 1 - Annual Payment Option

Cord blood
Initial Payment of $1,175 (includes first year storage)
+ Annual Storage Fee (currently $125)
+ Courier Fee
+ Taxes

Cord blood and Cord Tissue
Initial Payment of $1,885 (includes first year storage)
+ Annual Storage Fee (currently $235)
+ Courier Fee
+ Taxes

PACKAGE 2 - Pre-payment Option

Cord blood 
Initial Payment of $1,175 (includes first year storage)
+ One-time Storage Payment $1,675 (covers 17 years)
+ Courier Fee
+ Taxes

Cord blood and Cord Tissue
Initial Payment of $1,885 (includes first year storage)
+ One-time Storage Payment $3,065 (covers 17 years)
+ Courier Fee
+ Taxes

We offer discounts for multiple births and returning clients. Please visit for pricing


1. Pay in full (payment due when collection kit is released)
2. 12 month payment plan has and $95 administration fee + tax

For information on pricing, payment plans and terms and conditions, please visit



Toll Free: 1-877-235-1997
Sans Frais: 1-877-714-7007
Chinese: 1-888-268-1888
Address: 379 Church Street, Markham, Ontario L6B 0T1, Canada