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Family Bank: BoyaLife


Boyalife was founded in 2009 and is the first stem cell bank in China accredited by both AABB and NRL standards. Boyalife has joined together with six other major research institutes to form the International Consortium of Stem Cell Research (INCOSC). With a leading research team and cutting edge technology, we deliver the highest quality stem cell processing and storage in a fully automated facility.

Labs and Locations

The headquarters of Boyalife Stem Cell Bank is located at Wuxi in China.
Address: No.88 Meiliang Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. Pc:214092

Boyalife also owns several research laboratories and storage facilities across different regions in China:

Beijing Boya Weiming Stem Cell Bank
Add: No.39 Shangdixi Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

Guangxi Boya Stem Cell Bank
Add:No.25 Gaoxin Dadao East, Gaoxin District, Nanning, Guangxi, China.

Chongqing Boya Stem Cell Bank
Add: No.6 Hefeng Dadao, Liduxin District, Fuling District, Chongqing, China

Business Experience

The PRC government has a licensing system that only allows one official "cord blood bank" per province, and that bank must be run in a hybrid public/private model. However, private cord blood banking services are still offered by additional companies who are registered as "stem cell banks".

Boyalife Stem Cell Bank (BoyaLife) is affiliated to Boyalife Group that was founded in 2009 and has marketed stem cell banking since 2010. At present, the numbers of stem cell collections received by the bank has reached 15,000 and with the new storage facility coming online the capacity of Boyalife Stem Cell Bank has increased to 1,500,000.

Collection Kit

Boyalife uses a 300ml cord blood collection bag, which is made by Fresenius-Kabi, and is completely sterile on both the inside and outside for use in vaginal and cesarean section deliveries. The collection bag is pre-filled with CPDA liquid anticoagulant.

Transportation container

Boyalife's transportation containers are designed to protect  the cord blood and maternal blood samples from external temperature alterations. With  the BACCS® thermal monitor, foam insulation and cooler packs, we are also able to control and track temperatures during shipment. Samples can remain between 2 to 24 degrees C for up to 48 hours.

Shipping Info

Boyalife Stem Cell Bank contract includes shipping arrangements [though additional shipping fees may apply in some areas] and a customer hot line is available 24 hours a day; furthermore, the courier from Boyalife is also available on weekend and holidays. Once we receive your phone call, the courier will arrive at the hospital to pick up the collection kit; Boyalife guarantees samples will be processed within 48 hours after collection.

Processing Method

Boyalife processes cord blood samples with the automated AXP® cell separation system from a company formerly known as Thermogenesis®. The AXP® is an automated, functionally closed system that consistently and efficiently harvests the stem cell-rich buffy coat from umbilical cord blood. The AXP®  is used by many of the world's leading cord blood banks. 

Boyalife Stem Cell Bank also uses the ISBT128 label system during the collection, processing and preservation of all the cord blood samples. ISBT 128 is a system for identification, labeling, and processing of human blood, tissue, and cellular therapy products using an internationally standardized system. It is traceable, accurate and contains more information besides.

Components Stored

Boyalife stores the buffy coat which contains the stem and progenitor cells. We inform clients of the results via telephone call within 7 days and provide parents with a written report  describing test results within 50 working days of the cells being processed. 

Storage Method

Final cord blood storage is in blood bags and wrapped in protective sheaths. Boyalife use controlled rate freezing method to reduce the sample temperature gradually and the stem cell bank uses the automated cryo-storage system from BioArchive®. Each freezer tank is equipped with a round-the-clock alarm device so that in the event of malfunction, the management will immediately receive an alert email or text message from the tank.

Licensing & Accreditation

Boyalife stem cell bank (Wuxi) is accredited by AABB and ISO9001, also licensed by CAP, NRL and EQA.


For all stem cell storage packages, Boyalife offers:
1.    Family health insurance.
2.    Product liability insurance for all preserved samples.
3.    Client is covered by engraftment insurance: In the event that the samples are damaged or destroyed due to the faults of stem cell bank,
3.1    Family will receive a double indemnity as compensation.
3.2    If there is need a transplant or other stem cell therapy the patient receives the closest matching unit in the public portion of the bank inventory or a monetary amount.

Community Service

Boyalife Stem Cell Bank offers discounts to medical doctors and nurses.


Total cost includes enrollment, cost of kit, processing and storage for 30 years.
Boyalife offers two payment options: Installment plan for 30 years or One-time payment
Abbreviations used:
MSC = Mesenchymal Stem Cells
HSC = Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Package I:
MSC from cord - RMB 18,400 processing + RMB 990/yr storage or RMB 48,100 One-time
Package II:
MSC from placenta - RMB 12,00 processing + RMB 990/yr storage or RMB 41,700 One-time
Package III:
HSC from CORD BLOOD - RMB 18,400 processing + RMB 990/yr storage or RMB 48,100 One-time
Package IV:
MSC & HSC from cord - RMB 28,400 processing + RMB 1290/yr storage or RMB 67,100 One-time
Package V:
MSC & HSC from cord & placenta - RMB 32,800 processing + RMB 1290/yr storage or RMB 71,500 One-time

* For all the packages,  Boyalife offers a family health insurance.
* With packages IV and V, Boyalife offers a free sibling HLA analysis.

Additional Services

Beside storing cord blood, Boyalife also offers services such as:
Storage of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from umbilical cord tissue.
Storage of both Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Mesenchymal Stem Cells from placenta
HLA analysis.
Storage of adult immunocytes.

Address: No.88 Meiliang Road, Jiangsu, China.
Phone Numbers
(National Free): 400-885-0012 (Office): 0510 8599 6831