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Family Bank: Biocells

Biocells Ecuador


Biocells is the first bank in Ecuador to offer umbilical cord blood cryopreservation and the first private bank in the Andean Pact to receive AABB accreditation. Biocells has advanced technology and guarantees highest cell recovery and long term reliability.

Labs and Locations

BioCells laboratory is located at their headquarters in Quito, Ecuador.

Business Experience

Biocells has been operating in Ecuador for 12 years, positioning itself as the first bank to cryopreserve cord blood stem cells, with inventory that has reached 11,000. We work under the highest standards of technology and quality, according to the procedures and training under provisions of the AABB.

Collection Kit

Biocells collection kit is designed for gravity collection. It uses the Terumo blood bag and the anti-coagulant EDTA. The bag is sterile both inside and out so that it can be used in the operating room for a C-section delivery.

Transportation container

BioCells collection kit has been validated to maintain room temperature.

Shipping Info

Logistics and shipping of cord blood samples is performed by Biocells.

Processing Method

BioCells employs trained laboratory technicians to separate stem cells by manual processing.

Components Stored

Parents are provided with a certificate letter and card describing the results of tests on their child's blood.

Storage Method

Final storage is in cryobags immersed in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen cryotanks.

Licensing & Accreditation

Acredited by the INDOT (Instituto Nacional de Donación y Trasplante de Órganos, Tejidos y Células), entity attached to the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador. Biocells has AABB accreditation.

Clinical Experience

Biocells  began banking cord blood in 2006 with its own laboratory. We have 9,000 stored units as 2015.

Community Service

Biocells offers totally or partially coverage of the entire cryopreservation services to mothers with limited resources with a health issue that could benefit from cord blood stem cells.  


Biocells initial price for enrollment and processing is USD 1695, final price depends on private health insurance coverage. The yearly maintenance fee is USD 150.

Additional Services

Biocells provides cord blood banking coverage with BestDoctors and BMI healthcare insurance. 

Address: Av. Siena 214 y Miguel Angel, La Primavera 1, Cumbayá, Ecuador