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Family Bank: Biocell


Biocell is a leading Umbilical Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Stem Cell Bank located in India. Biocell's collection, processing and storage procedures maintain the best standards in the industry with internationally acclaimed accreditations. Our motto is "The Life Saving Cord Blood Bank"

Labs and Locations

Biocell is a brand name of Regenerative Medical Services Pvt. Ltd. (RMS). Their laboratory is located at Lonavala, Maharashtra, India, between Mumbai and Pune.

Business Experience

Biocell India has licensed technology from Babycell of Korea, founded by Sewon Cellontech. Biocell India started operations in 2009 at their own Cell Preservation Centre™. They have preserved cord blood of over 10,000 families till date. They have round the clock services available across India. Biocell has expanded in more than 25 cities since its inception.

The origins of Biocell can be traced back to 1984 when the founder Mr. Yash Sanghavi started Satyan Pharmaceuticals in a largely unregulated Indian market. Gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit, he poured his energy and resources into improving the quality of the pharmaceutical sector in India. Mr. Sanghavi motivated and built an organization of international repute with far reaching footprints across the globe.

His son, Mr. Satyen Sanghavi returned from the UK after completing his Masters in Stem Cell Technology from the University of Nottingham when the science was still in its nascence. Coupled with his father’s wisdom and his own passion, Mr. Satyen Sanghavi fostered the idea of forming an organization that would offer regenerative medical services in India and started Regenerative Medical Services Pvt. Ltd. (RMS), the parent company.
RMS has another unit – Regrow, which deals with cell culture and therapy. Regrow has three verticals:
1)    Autologous Cartilage Implantation : Chondron™
2)    Autologous Bone Implantation : Ossron™
3)    Skin Regeneration : Theraform™
Regrow is the only company in India that has treated cartilage and bone defects for more than 500 individuals.

Collection Kit

Biocell collection kit maintains a cold chain throughout the collection process right from birthing centre to laboratory. Babycell collection kit ensures temperature of 18-25 degrees C during transit. Collection kit is sterilized from outside and inside and is appropriate to use for C-section collection procedures too.

The contents of collection kit include:

  • A human umbilical cord blood collection bag (USFDA approved Collection Bag) with haemostatic clamps containing anti-coagulant (CPD).
  • Plain & EDTA tube for maternal blood collection
  • Parafilm for cord tissue collection tube sealing
  • Client ID labels so that the contents are not mixed with other samples
  • Pair of gloves
  • Sample collection forms which are filled-up by the paramedic staff.

The collection kit also includes Paramedic kit which contains:
Alcohol swabs for cleaning of the cord & sterile gauze pieces for covering cord blood bag, zip lock bags to avoid leakages and contamination,  2 pairs of gloves, sterile drape so that the kit contents may not touch the surface of the hospital.

Transportation container

  • The kits are temperature validated with temperature ranging from 18-25 degrees C as per national FDA guideline.
  • Contains 3 gel packs to maintains the temperature of 18-25 degrees C during transit.
  • It is bubble wrapped to maintain the required temperatures.
  • Thermocol lid to avoid the direct contact with the gel packs to avoid hemolysis of the cord blood.
  • Container is guaranteed to maintain 18-25 degrees C temperature for 72 hours.

Shipping Info

Biocell makes shipping arrangements on behalf of the parents anywhere in India at no extra cost. Paramedic/nurse of Biocell picks up the blood sample from hospital and passes it on to the logistics partner. Biocell uses a network of logistics companies that provide biological shipment such that services are available 365x24x7.

Processing Method

Biocell uses sterile optimal processing method of double sedimentation spin technology allowing maximum cell recovery. Cryopreservation chambers are completely secured with double bar-coded identification system.

Components Stored

Parents are provided with a certificate describing test results as follows:
•    CD 34+ cell count,
•    Total Nucleated Cell (TNC) count,
•    Cell Viability,
•    Colony forming unit assay to know the proliferation capacity of stem cells stored (Babycell is the only cord blood bank that performs this test at the time of preservation. All accreditation authorities endorse CFU and strongly recommend it at the time of preservation and not retrieval)
•    Mono Nuclear Cell (MNC) count,
•    Sterility test,
•    HLA ( at the time of retrieval)
•    Maternal blood test including:
1)    Blood grouping & Rh typing,
2)    HIV I and II,
3)     HBSAg,
4)    HTLV I and II,
5)     CMV IgM,  IgG,
6)    malaria,
7)    syphilis,
8)    anti- HCV,
9)    Anti- HBC

Storage Method

Final storage of cord blood components is done in cryo-bags and encased in over wrap bags. The bag is cryopreserved for temporary storage in quarantine cryovessel, then transferred for long term storage in cryovessel after it passes all quality control checks. The cryopreservation is under vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen.

Licensing & Accreditation

  • Certified by British Standard Institution (BSI) for ISO 13485:2003 (International Organisation for Standardisation) for medical devices. BSI is recognised by World Health Organisation (WHO) and hence sample is acceptable worldwide
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Good Clinical Practices (GCP)
  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  • Licensed by Indian Food and Drug Authority (FDA), Drug Controller General of India (DCGI).

Clinical Experience

In 2009, Regrow - the cell therapy division of RMS - was also launched. Regrow is the first and only company in India to offer patient-specific regenerative medicine, with over 500 successful implantations. Regrow provides regenerative therapies using stem cells under the following portfolio:
1)    Autologous Cartilage Implantation (ACI) used to treat cartilage defects.
Indications treated so far are as follows:
•    Patelar Cartilage defect
•    Ankle cartilage damage
•    Shoulder injury
•    Sport injury
•    Trauma
•    Idiopathy
•    Osteochondritis dessicans
•    Osteochondral injury
2)    Autologous Bone Implantation (ABI) used to treat bone defects.
Indications treated so far are as follows:
•    Avascular necrosis
•    Non-union fracture
•    Maxillary/mandibular reconstruction
•    Fibrous dysplasia
•    Bone cyst/cavity
3)    Skin Regeneration (Theraform) used to treat wounds.
Indications treated so far are as follows:
•    Diabetic foot ulcer
•    Skin burns
•    Cleft palate
•    Bed sore
•    Venous ulcer
•    Wide range of wounds and others.


Engraftment insurance -  Biocell clients are covered by USD 25000 or another HLA unit retrieved from another stem cell bank.
Quality Assurance - If the specimen upon retrieval for an approved hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, could not be used for the child or its sibling or either of its genetic parents for the child or its sibling or either of its genetic parents for the sole reason that the viability does not meet Bank’s then prevailing viability criteria benchmarked against existing national or international best practices then Bank shall at its own use its best endeavor to find a suitable Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) from public repository or its affiliates within 90 working days or pay to the client a sum of USD 25000 (INR Fifteen Lacs only).
Babycell Philanthropy Program - If the child or its sibling or either of its genetic parents is diagnosed after the enrollment date for hematological malignancy treatable by cryopreserved specimen, the client under Biocell Philanthropy Program can avail USD 17000 (INR Ten Lacs only) to offset actual transplantation cost incurred in any hospital which is statutorily approved for stem cell transplantation.
Regrow Health Cover - If during the tenure of the agreement, client chooses to be treated through therapies offered by RMS - Regrow, bank shall offer a discount of up to 10% on the maximum retail price of therapies prevailing at the time of requirement. This is applicable only one time per individual per joint/ bone under either of the aforesaid treatments which is prescribed by a physician expert in cell therapy technique to the child, genetic parents and siblings within any hospital qualified in the territory of India.

Community Service

Sibling Program - If you are an expecting parent and your first child has a medical condition then our panel of experts will assess and diagnose it. If it is termed curable with stem cell therapy, then Babycell will provide cord blood collection, processing and storage completely free of cost for 5 years for the upcoming baby.


Biocell offer Cord Blood + Cord Tissue banking = 79000/-
Total cost includes enrollment + courier + processing + 21 years storage fee.
Multiplication of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) is free of cost.
Easy payment plans also available. Payment plans available on request

Additional Services

Biocell offers following additional services:

  • Newborn genetic screening using blood spot as approved and recommended by American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG), National Neonatal Forum (NNF), National Institute of Health (NIH).
  • Storage of Umbilical Cord Tissue i.e. Wharton's Jelly
  • Personalised Antenatal and Postnatal Care sessions for expectant mothers.
Address: 2-ABC, ACME Plaza, Andheri - Kurla Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059, India