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Moinam thalassemia patient Cordlife India
Jun 2017   Moinam was successfully treated for thalassemia using cord blood from his sister banked with Cordlife India.


embed open cord blood trials search
May 2017   Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation has created a search engine that enables readers to look up all clinical trials conducting cell therapy with cord blood that are currently open worldwide.


Lisa Ouaknine, RN, Educating Antenatal Care Givers About Cord Blood: Ce Qui Compte Le Plus
Apr 2017   Transplant physicians should share their advances and needs with antenatal caregivers. We need more professional development programs for midwives and medical students to bridge the gap.
MSC retrieval perivascular versus whole tissue
Apr 2017   Most parents are not aware of the full potential of the umbilical cord tissue. They also do not realize that the cord tissue storage method may compromise parent access.


LifeCell International
Mar 2017   LifeCell has launched a new approach that redefines family cord blood banking as "Community Stem Cell Banking".
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation
Mar 2017   Cerebral Palsy Alliance proposes a five year study of to compare trials of cord blood, mesenchymal stem cells, and neural progenitor cells for CP patients.


Perinatal Stem Cell Society partners with PRESENT Regenerative Medicine
Feb 2017   Congress taking place 19-21 May 2017 in Teaneck NJ carries 16 CME credits on evidence-based research and products derived from Perinatal sources.
J.E. Davies - University of Toronto
Feb 2017   Despite the hurdles, great therapeutic value can be gained from the MSCs in the Wharton’s Jelly of Cord Tissue, which are being employed in an ever-increasing portfolio of indications.
CellOptima technoloogy to store stem cells from cord tissue lining
Feb 2017   Available exclusively from Cordlife, CellOptima™ is a proprietary technology which can isolate and expand two types of stem cells: MSC and EpSC, from the lining of the newborn's umbilical cord.


Number of advanced cell therapy clinical trials per year with perinatal cells
Jan 2017   There are more advanced cell therapy clinical trials with other sources of perinatal cells than there are with cord blood, either cumulatively or by year.