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Cord Blood Stem Cells Saved the Brother

June 2017
Royan Stem Cell Technology

The umbilical cord blood stem cells of Ahmad Reza’s sister stored with Royan Stem Cell Technology helped him get rid of the disease Thalassemia.

Fatima, Ahmad Reza’s little sister, was born two years ago in Kerman and her parents decided to store her umbilical cord blood samples with Royan Stem Cell Technology Company. At that time, they had a son suffering from Thalassemia and they were busy with his treatment procedures as well.

Trying various treatment techniques, the physicians finally decided to shift their treatment approach toward applying hematopoietic stem cells. Since his sister’s umbilical cord blood sample was stored at the time of her birth, the transplantation procedures were performed in April 2016 in Shariati hospital and under the supervision of Dr. Hamidieh.

Within a couple of months after the transplantation, Ahmad’s general health condition has been improving and progressing and all tests reveal normal and perfect blood indices.

Once released from the hospital, Ahmad Reza  made a visit to Royan Stem Cell Technology Company and got more knowledge of the whole story that had happened to him.

The authorities of Royan Stem Cell Technology express their deep gratitude towards the treatment team of Shariati hospital and wish in the future that more umbilical cord blood samples can be stored and more lives can be saved as the consequence.