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Carolinas Cord Blood Bank

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Bank Director: Joanne Kurtzberg M.D.

Carolinas Cord Blood Bank at Duke (CCBB) collects donations at select hospitals in North Carolina and a couple out of state. No pre-registration is necessary for mothers who deliver at any of these staffed collection sites.

Expectant parents who have a child in need of therapy with cord blood, especially the new therapies in clinical trials at Duke, may be eligible for directed donation through CCBB.

The Director of CCBB is Joanne Kurtzberg M.D., of Duke University. CCBB is accredited under the international FACT/Netcord standards. In Oct. 2012 they became one of the first US banks to obtain an FDA license for their cord blood product, which they have named DUCord™.

The CCBB uses the state of the art, fully automated Sepax processing system from Biosafe. The Sepax processing kit is a sterile, single-use, functionally closed system, so that the cord blood never comes into contact with the external environment.

Carolinas Cord Blood Bank only saves collections that contain over one billion mononuclear cells.  This high selection threshold ensures that bank resources are only used to process and store collections which have a high probability of being used for transplant.  To help achieve these high collection volumes, the collection staff drain blood from the placenta in addition to the umbilical cord.  Smaller collections are used for research programs.


Collection hospitals as of July 2018:

  1. Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast - Concord, NC  
  2. Carolinas HealthCare System University - Charlotte, NC
  3. Duke Regional Hospital - Durham, NC
  4. Duke University Hospital - Durham, NC
  5. Rex Hospital - Raleigh, NC   
  6. UNC Women's Hospital - Chapel Hill, NC
  7. Womack Army Medical Center - Fort Bragg, NC

  8. Brigham and Women's Hospital - Boston, MA
  9. Grady Memorial Hospital - Atlanta, GA


Mail-in Donations

Carolinas Cord Blood Bank accepts MAIL-IN DONATIONS. At present this program only operates in the state of North Carolina. To be eligible, mothers must register by the 34th week of pregnancy and pass a health screening. To participate, the mother's healthcare provider must take cord blood collection training. For more information, call the CCBB Public Collection Kit program at 919-668-2071.

Contact info

Address: 2301 Erwin Road.NC 27710